What to eat in summer to not get fat?

Do you know what to eat in summer to not get fat? Summer is the season of the year in which we care more about our image, but also It is one of the most complicated times to take care of ourselves. Good weather and holidays invite you to spend more time on the street, which can affect the way you eat.

However, we must know that It is not impossible to carry out the good habits that we have acquired throughout the year. As for the diet, there are some keys to eating healthy in summer without getting fat. Would you like to know what to eat so you don't get fat in summer? Read the following recommendations!

Keys to eating well in summer and not getting fat

Eat first course vegetables

In summer we feel like eating fresh things, so start eating a good salad or gazpacho. Eat first course vegetables It makes us less hungry for the second dish, which is usually more caloric.

This is because the fiber helps to be satiated and reduces the glycemic index of food, and therefore slows the digestion process. Thus, eating vegetables is important not to gain weight in summer.

The consumption of fresh vegetables in summer helps maintain the feeling of satiety to avoid overeating later. Therefore, it is key not to gain weight.

Eat seasonal fruits

The summer fruit apart from being very appetizing, since they are refreshing, bright colors and sweet taste, They contain few calories and are rich in water. Among them we find options such as:

  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Paraguayans
  • Yellow plums
  • Cantaloupe

The orange and yellow colors of the fruits mean that they are rich in carotenes and carotenoids, bases of vitamin A, They reinforce defenses and help maintain good visual and skin health.

We also have red fruits such as watermelon, cherries and red plums, which are high in magnesium and lycopene, substances that contribute to the well-being of the heart.

Eat them between meals as a snack and take them to the beach or pool. If you wish, choose to eat them for dessert. Remember that fruits do not get fat after eating, What makes you fat is ice cream and sugary desserts.

Choose good options when eating out

If you go on vacation to the beach take advantage and consume fresh fish, always better than grilled or with light sauces. You can even opt for seafood. These, like fish, They have high quality proteins and most of them are low in fat; They are also rich in minerals and vitamins.

However, be careful if you have high cholesterol, because some have a high proportion of cholesterol such as squid, prawns, prawns and cicadas, especially in their heads.

On the other hand, if you go on vacation to another country, find out about restaurants in order not to end up choosing any fast food.

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Take your own snacks if you don't want to get fat in summer

On holidays we usually spend all day outside. Because, It is advisable to take healthy snacks with you so as not to devour later in the main meals. You can bring nuts, raw or roasted, split fruit, crackers Wholemeal or healthy snacks.

What if I feel like ice cream? You can make your own homemade, or a less caloric option, the poles! Eating healthy snacks helps us not get fat in summer.

The nuts can be the snack Ideal to calm hunger in summer without getting fat. However, they should be eaten in moderate portions.

Drink water

It is very important that with high temperatures we are well hydrated. Normally a standard person needs about 2 liters of liquids a day, water being the main source. In summer these requirements should increase to 300 milliliters for each temperature degree above 37 º.

I recommend that you carry your own bottle in your bag or backpack so you can stay hydrated all day, so avoid buying other less healthy drinks.

Leave alcohol aside so you don't get fat in summer

There are other refreshing drinks that can be consumed instead of alcohol. While alcoholic beverages are present at parties and summer celebrations, It is better to avoid them so as not to gain weight.

What other non-alcoholic drinks can we drink? We know that the star drink is water, but also you can opt for water with gas, infusions or cold teas, smothies, Lemonade or tomato juice.

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Final Recommendations …

  • Increase your daily energy expenditure. If you are visiting another city, plan your routes on foot or by bicycle. Or if you go to the beach or mountain, practice a sport that you like or want to try.
  • Book an accommodation with a kitchen, so you can control what you eat more.

Are you worried about gaining weight this summer? Then put into practice all these recommendations and take care of your figure while enjoying.