What to eat (and what not) when you have anxiety

Many times we turn to the food as an escape, as a channel of feelings. When we notice the alteration that precedes anxiety, a defense mechanism is food. However, and as we know, not all foods are healthy especially in these circumstances. It is not the same to go to nuts in a time of anxiety than to ultra-processed ones.

What foods should you not eat when you have anxiety? The first thing you should forget are the insane foods. Not only will they generate dependence, but they will also harm your health and give you false comfort. It is best to solve anxiety through other methods, such as relaxation or meditationHowever, if food is a momentary and timely solution, the best thing you can do is choose healthy foods. Also, set aside exciting foods such as coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages or soft drinks and alcohol, as they will negatively influence your condition.

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What to eat

It is best to choose satiating foods, which by their principles help you with the anxiety and stress state to which you are subjected.

These are the foods you can eat and that have more benefits:










Why prioritize these foods? Due to its characteristics, it is scientifically proven to help overcome anxiety. The best thing is that it is natural foods, not very caloric in most cases, that will make you feel good are damaging your well-being.

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