What to do to take advantage of very ripe bananas and not have to throw them

It has happened to all of us … we go to the supermarket, we buy a good amount of fruits and vegetables to be able to spend the week quietly and that they reach us for all the meals and dinners we have planned but …. Oops! suddenly we see that bananas are starting to get very ripe.

You don't have time to eat them before they get ugly at all and you don't want to throw them away (obviously), so … what do I do? Well, we have some ideas that can serve you when it comes to taking advantage of this fruit So rich and beneficial.

Banana bread

It is one of the biscuits that also you can do in a healthy version saving you sugar and refined flours. The alternative that we propose so that you can use ripe bananas that you will not be able to eat anymore.

Recipe for banana bread:

– 1 cup oatmeal

– Half cup of oat flakes

– 2 tablespoons yeast

– 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites

– 3 ripe bananas

– 2 tablespoons ground walnuts

– 100 ml of soy milk (or any vegetable milk)

– 2 tablespoons natural sweetener (whichever you choose)

For its elaboration: take the bananas, crush them until there is a uniform lump without lumps and reserve them. Mix all solid ingredients on the one hand. Take a bowl and mix the flour, oat flakes, yeast, ground nuts. In another bowl mix the rest of the ingredients: the eggs and the whites, the milk, the sweetener, beat everything well and add it to the mixture you had reserved. Finally add the mashed bananas and stir well. When you have a uniform dough put the mixture in a baking dish and put it for at least 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Optional: if you want you can add to the dough before baking chocolate chips of more than 85% cocoa

Oatmeal, banana and chocolate cookies

Oatmeal cookies are a super healthy option such as snack, snack and breakfast and they are also super good. Here are the ingredients you need in addition to your bananas, of course.

– 100 gr of oat flakes

– 100 gr of chocolate chips

– 2 ripe bananas

– 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil

– One teaspoon of yeast

– A pinch of salt

For its elaboration: Mix the well-crushed ripe bananas, olive oil, yeast, oatmeal flakes and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Crush everything with a fork and then add the chocolate chips. Go holding a little dough with your hands and make small balls. On a vegetable paper go crushing each of them and put them in the oven for 20 minutes at about 180 degrees (always depends on each oven).

Banana and muesli acai

The açaí bowl is the perfect breakfast because it satisfies and also gives you many of the vitamins and nutrients. It prepares super fast and is also delicious. You need:

– 1 ripe banana

– 30 gr of oat flakes

– One tablespoon of acai powders

– Seed mix

– A glass of vegetable milk

– Muesli or cereals with fruits

To make it: you have to put in the blender the banana, the oat flakes, the açaí, the vegetable milk mix everything well and add the mixture in the bowl where you are going to eat it. As toppings add the seeds and muesli or cereals, but you can also add blueberries, nuts, coconut chips … it is completely to taste.

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