What three foods has Eva Longoria eliminated to recover her figure?

Eva Longoria She is in one of her best moments, of that there is no doubt: professionally there is no one who stops her and personally, she cannot be happier with her little Santiago who is already one year old.

Outside the media pressure, Eva was very clear: she would not live the postpartum recovery as an obligation to fulfill in three months, but he would take his time and recover his figure before becoming calmly pregnant. "Without hurry but without pause", it would be his motto. Something that has had a lot of effect. A year later, the actress can now wear an enviable figure, based on the diet, but above all, in the constancy with your workouts.


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How did Eva get back to her figure? Eliminating three foods from your diet, which, according to her, does not do her body any favor. The actress has crossed out her list on Wine, sugar and carbohydrates. According to several international media, "I have not known what a carbohydrate is for a long time." We imagine that we don't even talk about eating a pasta dish.

And, this decision has a reason for being very accurate: sugar, especially that found in ultraprocessed foods, in addition to being harmful to health, is the main enemy of the diet. The wine, especially red wine, is one of the most liquid calories have since alcohol is converted to fat because the body does not burn these calories. The fact of eliminating carbohydrates, may have defenders and detractors, but the truth is that there are several studies that say that if you do, the results in a weight loss diet will be more visible.

The combo 'exercise and diet' It's working for Eva. The actress's training is mainly based on strength exercises, similar to those of crossfit, with the aim of toning and losing the weight gained during pregnancy. Eva, who has always been very natural, shares her workouts on her Instagram account.

The morale? Eva has taken her time to return to her pre pregnancy weight and has done so in a healthy way and without harmful diets that all they do in fostering an unreal stereotype.

Bravo Eva! With constancy and work you can. And, the change from a few months ago until today, is more than remarkable.

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