What the pandemic took away: let go of fear and embrace change

There are two words that all of us have heard, lived and experienced to some extent in this pandemic period: "fear" and "change". The paradox is that the two generally have the opposite effect, but at the same time, each one can produce the other.

I mean the fear slows, paralyzes or inhibits, Meanwhile he change implies pure movement and action. Fear can produce change and change can produce fear. I believe that one situation or the other may have happened to us, and in some cases both.

After having worked in workshops and with various groups on the theme this year, so special, so different, it emerged that the vast majority had or are afraid of contracting the disease, of being infected or that someone within their family or close circle is infected and at the same time, almost everyone has had an acquaintance or family member who suffered it, fear of the disease itself and its consequences; fear of losing the job or that it changes, is modified and not being able to live up to said change or not feeling qualified.

Other fears that also appeared were: loneliness, isolation, fear of going out, losing freedom, greeting or meeting, among others. Fear, fear and more fear; I think we become afraid of fear.

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Many changes were imposed, to begin with, all the new protocols to be able to interact socially, commercially, occupationally, in most of the areas in which we operateIn other words, the way of greeting, of relating, of mobilizing, of selling and buying, of working, of studying, even of traveling, among others, changed.

Probably, you identify or feel that you have been or are going through one of these situations. I consider that almost everyone in one way or another we have suffered fear that things will change and also that fear will lead us to make some change. What can be affirmed at this time is that change exists and that perhaps many more are to come.

The good news is that We have the ability to know, make our fears aware and manage them as well as make changes that we consider necessary to improve in this way our quality of life; then another great capacity arises that we have that is that of power adapt to changes, especially when they are imposed on us and do not depend on us.

Resisting, the only thing that will produce more suffering, as Jung says "everything you resist persists" We cannot root ourselves to what has already been, to what has already changed and this is where another capacity that we possess appears, the acceptance to assume reality as it is and to be able to continue life bringing a considerable improvement to our well-being.

The ideal is that in times of change we appeal to creativity, reinvention, learning, Instead of staying in the complaint, the anger and the guilt that lead us to a dead end where we are trapped being prey to fear again.

It is a period of a lot of vulnerability and uncertainty but also the appearance of various personal strengths and potentialities that perhaps we did not know that we had them because they were kept deep inside us, it is time of great personal and social challenges just time for all these capacities to manifest and develop.

And I wonder and I ask them Will it be the time to connect and connect with others? In social and personal development the presence of another is essential, then from a human being to another human being, interaction is key for us to realize that the union strengthens, that solidarity helps, that empathy understands, that what I do has consequences because it can collaborate or destroy me or destroy others, including the environment in which I live.

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We could take advantage of this time where we spend more hours indoors to reflect, to look inward and perhaps a more compassionate outward gaze may arise, which we need so much.

The truth is life is a constant movement but we believe or have the feeling that everything is or should be stable and continuous; that's one of our biggest fears, lose that feeling that we are in control; This pandemic came to break this "sensation" or perhaps it came to wake us up to realize that The only constant is change, that we will always have uncertainty about what will happen and that our time is the present, it is about the only time that we can act and we can live.

The past has already gone and the future has not yet arrived; If we have or work to have an open and flexible mind, we could perhaps notice that what is a change today will probably be "normal" tomorrow, in addition to being the door that allows us to access well-being.

Big changes are emerging and several more are coming. It will be up to each one of us to find the different ways and means to get the energy, motivation, strength and courage to go through this new era, this new "normality". Perhaps if we allow it, this pandemic came to teach us to let go of fear and embrace change.

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And you, are you ready to embrace change? Tell us in the comments how you have gone through these times of pandemic.

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