What symptoms can the cytomegalovirus contracted by Álvaro Morata cause?

The Spanish footballer of Juventus, Álvaro Morata, made headlines for the fainting and dizziness he suffered after his team's game against Porto. This was also linked to a decrease in performance in the last time, which could be attributed to symptoms of cytomegalovirus.

It turns out that medical reports have suggested that the athlete has a viral infection. Specifically, its signs would be caused by this viral particle. But what is pathology? As we will see throughout the article, it would not be strange to attribute greater wear and tear on Morata to the disorder.

What is cytomegalovirus?

The cytomegalovirus that has infected Álvaro Morata it is a particle in the same viral family as mononucleosis and chickenpox. It is, in fact, a variety of herpes, which is why it is also called herpesvirus 5.

Like all other members of this family, it is characterized by persistent and chronic infection. That is, once it invades the body, it stays there for life. In general, it does so latently, but if it is reactivated for various reasons (such as a drop in defenses) it is capable of generating symptoms.

The prevalence in the general population is high. It is estimated that more than 50% of adults are positive for cytomegalovirus, even if they have no symptoms. It is assumed that its distribution is wide in the world and that the contagion is relatively simple.

The routes of transmission are based on body fluids, as long as the infection is active. Both blood and saliva and tears are mediums in which the particle subsists and passes between human beings. It is also transmitted sexually and mothers can pass it to their children through breast milk.

Mothers can transmit the virus to their children, which is the most serious form of presentation, when they acquire the neonatal variant.

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Symptoms that cytomegalovirus can cause

What happened to Álvaro Morata is explained by the active infection of cytomegalovirus. Its symptoms correspond to the clinical picture that some adults suffer from being colonized by the viral particle.

In any case, as we will see below, each situation is particular and most human beings go through it without knowing it. For this reason, there are 50% of those infected in the world, without this representing an increased risk of mortality.

Symptoms of Cytomegalovirus in Babies

Congenital cytomegalovirus is one of the serious forms of the disease. These are newborns who have acquired the infection in their mother's womb, in the process of childbirth or through breast milk.

It is possible that the birth is normal and that the first review with the pediatrician does not throw any suspicion. But then there are disorders that are more obvious. A hepatitis with a malfunction of the liver will cause jaundice (yellow discoloration of skin and mucous membranes) and clotting problems.

Babies can also develop cytomegalovirus encephalitis, which will be extremely serious. Seizures are usually the warning of ongoing infection.

Symptoms of cytomegalovirus in immunocompromised patients

A person with compromised immune system you can develop severe forms of this virus infection. This is due, not so much to the virulence of the particle, but rather to its compromised organic state.

Pneumonia, hepatitis, encephalitis, and eye disorders are among the most worrisome complications. It can be derived from a first infection or from a reactivation of viral agents that were contracted a long time before and take the opportunity of weakness to attack.

Cytomegalovirus Symptoms in Healthy Adults

As we already anticipated, most people will be infected and have no symptoms caused by cytomegalovirus. They may never find out about their contact with the particle, unless they are specifically tested or have a subsequent reactivation for becoming immunocompromised.

However, there is a non-serious clinical picture that some healthy adults suffer from. This could be the case of Álvaro Morata, according to the data we have. In this presentation there is great similarity with intense flu symptoms. Fever occurs, fatigue is extreme, and muscle weakness prevents almost any activity.

There are cases in which these signs are accompanied by a discomfort in the pharynx, with pain when swallowing. Thus, can be mistaken for a cold or angina. Even the person without consulting might think they have the flu.

How are cytomegalovirus symptoms treated?

If the cytomegalovirus infection generates the picture of generalized fatigue and mild fever that we have described – and which could be the case of Álvaro Morata – then the approach is conservative. Rest, temperature control, and basic analgesia measures are preferred.

It is not necessary to prescribe specific antibiotics or antivirals. The body of a healthy adult will solve the problem and, in a greater or lesser time, the particle will return to its dormant state.

Rest is key, not only because the patient does not have the strength to carry out tasks, but also because risks are added when carrying out activities under these conditions. Dehydration or fainting may occur, leading to injury from falls, for example.

Different is the case of the immunocompromised. These people require hospitalizations and administration of antivirals that reduce the time of illness. In the same way, in encephalitis or pneumonia steps are imposed by intensive therapies to counteract the deleterious effects on the organs.

Newborns, meanwhile, deserve special care from pediatricians. Sometimes there are growth and development restrictions that do not allow the body to fight the viral particle, so evolution cannot be left to chance.

Neonatal jaundice due to cytomegalovirus may require passage through special lamps to reduce the symptom.

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Could the situation of Álvaro Morata have been prevented?

It is very difficult to prevent cytomegalovirus infection. Safety measures are the basic ones, which involve hand washing and proper hygiene of all utensils used.

If the particle is already in the body and reactivates, it is likely that there is a drop in defenses. It is also a complicated situation to foresee, since diseases or stressful situations are capable of enabling the reproduction of the herpes family that has already taken up residence.

It is very possible that the footballer receives the indication of rest and that your immune system clears the infection without complications. This is the usual outcome of similar pictures.