What should you have for dinner to sleep well?

Sleeping well is essential for the body and mind to recover. To rest well It is synonymous with more and greater productivity and energy. But sometimes a very heavy dinner can affect our sleep

The rhythm of life that we lead requires us to give much of us and does not always allow us To fall asleep. Sleeping badly or poorly, should not become a habit, as it is detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of rest leads to a feeling of fatigue, lack of energy, irritability and even depression. If when you go to bed you feel heavy, today we give you some tips for you to dine better and get a full rest.

Do youHow your dinner should be to sleep well?

"Many times, the rush makes us make bad decisions. Knowing what you are going to have for dinner every day, gives you order and helps you set clear goals," he advises. Vikika Costa, the personal trainer and expert in fit life.

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To sleep well try to avoid Spicy or spicy dinners. Choose grilled, baked or steamed preparations and avoid frying. Choose white meats.

Have dinner as soon as you can. The time of intake should ideally be Two hours before bed. This guarantees proper digestion.

If you can take a walk before sleep, you will promote proper digestion. In this way, you will help your body prepare for a quality rest. If you suffer insomnia or slow digestion, reflux or acidity among others, a walk may be the medicine you need.

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