What should be the diet of vegetarians with kidney problems

Vegetarian people with kidney problems must have a thorough dietary control. It is important to monitor the supply of certain nutrients to avoid an over-demand of the kidney, which could lead to a progression of the underlying pathology and a loss of organ function.

We are going to teach you everything there is to know about it. However, remember that it is essential to follow the doctor's instructions and adapt the regimen to each individual case.

Prescribed medication could affect nutritional needs. Even so, there are certain foods with which you should be careful in general.

Diet for vegetarians with kidney problems

The first thing to consider in the diet for vegetarians with kidney problems is the need to control the supply of minerals, especially sodium. An excessive consumption of the nutrient could be counterproductive for the function of the organs in pathological situations, according to a study published in the journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Also, it is important to be careful with the amount of protein. These elements are essential when there is a good state of health. However, an excessive intake in the context of kidney disease is not always recommended.

There is disagreement about it. Anyway, and according to research published in the journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, it is important to satisfy the requirements without exceeding it.

Keep in mind that plant-based foods have low-quality protein. The good news is that the vegetarian diet allows the inclusion of animal products, such as dairy products and eggs, in the guideline. This reduces the risk of deficit.

The kidneys are very sensitive to sodium, so salt intake must be strictly regulated in cases of kidney failure.

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Recommended foods

Ensuring the supply of high-quality fats is crucial. Those of the trans type could be negative for the function of the organismas they promote inflammation. However, avocado and vegetable oils contribute to reaching a state of homeostasis.

On the other hand, to reach a sufficient protein intake, it will be key to include foods such as soybeans and tempeh. Even seitan, whole grains, and nut butters may help meet the needs.

It may also be advisable to include some dairy products, such as low-sodium cottage cheese. Vegetarians, as a general rule, consume these types of products, like eggs. They are restrictive in animal foods, but not in derivatives, those that are also recommended.

Forbidden food

It is important to be clear about which products should not be included in the diet of vegetarians with kidney problems. We especially highlight those with a high sodium content, which can cause an increase in blood pressure. This is indicated by a study published in Nutrients.

The snacks and ultra-processed will never be a good option, in the same way as pickles. You should moderate the intake of fruits, since the high content of simple sugars could hinder the function of the kidneys. Especially the banana, which has to be excluded due to its high potassium concentration. Juices, chocolates and sweets are not a good option either.

Is it necessary to use supplements in vegetarians with kidney problems?

As a general rule, no specific supplement is recommended in the vegetarian diets of kidney patients. If the consumption of food derived from animals is very low, the inclusion of vitamin B12 in the form of tablets or drinkable ampoules could be considered.

In addition, it is important to monitor the levels of vitamin D, a nutrient deficient in the general population. Maintaining a low level of the element can be related to a worse state of health.

On the other hand, we must pay attention to blood tests to detect inefficiencies in minerals, which can be corrected through the diet itself or a supplement. The benefit of including creatine is even being investigated.

However, you have to focus on specific cases. It is essential to individualize each situation to offer a personalized and appropriate recommendation.

In the first instance, there is no need for nutritional supplements for these patients. In any case, each case must be evaluated in particular and in particular.

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The vegetarian diet must be optimized in people with kidney problems

As commented, it is crucial to optimize the diet in people who suffer from kidney problems. A failure in this aspect can condition the progression of the pathology, thus generating a reduction in well-being and an increased risk of complications.

While supplements are not necessary at first, they can help make up for deficiencies. Now, the key is to choose correctly which products to emphasize and which to restrict to achieve an optimal balance. It is essential not to exceed the intake of sodium and potassium.

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