What really lived the woman who was more than 27 years in a coma

Definitely, the coma it's still a mystery to him human being, because it still brings with it many doubts that The science It has not resolved. It is a deep state of inonscience in which the person is alive but unable to move or respond to their environment. What do they see, then, those that are sufficiently lucky ones to return from the other side? Sometimes the stories are incredible. Tunnels, splits, light … and even something more elaborate, like the history of the young Croatian that after 24 hours in this state he woke up talking in a fluid German.

Recently, a Surrealist history that shows us that reality always surpasses fiction. In 1991, a car accident left the Munira Abdulla, a 32-year-old woman Arab Emirates, in a coma and with devastating brain injuries. He tried to protect his son, who at that time was only a child. Even though the doctors warned that it was practically impossible to recover, during almost three decades later her son did not lose faith, and she woke up less than a month ago screaming the name of his scion.

The diagnosis

History has traveled the world, how could it be otherwise. When he suffered the accidentMunira was a young woman in her thirties. Today, he is about to turn 60 years old. The doubts that they are pressing everyone They are normal: Was she trapped in her body, knowing what was happening, all the time? Could he adapt to the world modern after so long? What can this mean for many families that they left to die to their loved ones because they had also taken them for impossible?

His story of three decades in a coma is surprising but he spent all his time in a state of 'semi-conscience' and not 'vegetative'

However, the journalist Jenny Kitizinger says in "The Independent" that, although this case is unusual without a doubt, it may also have been exaggerated in excess. "In your state report you can read that, at first, it had not been marked as 'vegetative' but as 'minimally conscious'"he explains." There were low and intermittent signs of certain basic conscience, which meant that he was more likely to regain full consciousness in the future than if he had been in a vegetative state. subsequent reports this is no longer mentioned, which obscured a bit the diagnosis.


On the other hand, rehabilitation is essential for the subsequent patient recovery. In the case of Mrs. Abdulla it is quite paradigmatic that she was transferred to a specialized center where she received treatment (surgery on the extremities, physical therapy and control of epilepsy). Kitizinger wonders if it is normal to take so many precautions with someone who has awakened from coma in an almost miraculous way according to the media. "There is talk of a magical trigger instead of pointing out the potential link between the treatment and recovery"


"It is likely that patients who emerge from a minimum state of consciousness long-term (which is not uncommon in the first years) have profound and permanent physical and mental disabilities. They continue to depend on others for daily attention and lack the ability to make crucial decisions about their own lives They can also be disoriented, being unable to remember what happened a few moments ago and being able to engage in a limited conversation in response to the questions, "he explains." This seems to be what happened to Mrs. Abdulla, who, according to her son, complete the phrases that he starts. "

However, the media, when talking about term "awakening", seem to imply a much more complete recovery, in which Mrs. Abdulla confronts the Political changes or Internet, which is absurd because its priority now is another. "The conclusion of all this is that you do not have to rely on deceptive headlines like 'La Sleeping Beauty'"indicates." With this I hope I have illustrated the need to give a skeptical approach to some media reports. It is important reflect about the reality that may exist beyond the misleading headlines. We will have to follow up on Mrs. Abdulla's case to see how she is doing evolving over time".