What is vintage fashion and how to dress in this style?

The aesthetics of fashion vintage it is very varied, since it houses garments from different decades. For example, in the 70s we saw bell-bottoms and psychedelic prints, and in the 40s we saw midi dresses with a marked waist.

In more colloquial terms, it vintage It is everything that has between 20 to 100 years of life. And that is representative of an era. Therefore, those who love to buy this type of garment consider that they have a treasure in their closet.

In recent years fashion vintage It has been one of the most present trends among celebrities and fashion experts. This is due, in part, to the fact that more original or designer pieces can be obtained for less cost. In addition, it is a more sustainable form of consumption, since for the second time a garment is being used.

Ideas and tips for dressing in vintage style

The task begins by identifying the decade that you like best; then, the pieces that are key to that style. Finally, in what places can they be purchased. In this sense, It is good to do a little research on fashion vintage before going shopping.

On the other hand, cotton shirts and multicolored prints are garments that can be easily obtained and that make a differential wardrobe. Try to combine them with others in solid colors.

Also called mom jeans or high-waisted pants are perfect to highlight the style vintage. They make the figure slimmer, since they lengthen the legs and mark the waist. Add a belt with a large buckle and you will see the difference.

A sports jacket or leather jacket will be a great investment, because these are more timeless and can give a daring look to each look. Add contemporary items to soften the garment vintage.

Another icon of this style is the high-waisted skirts, very popular in the 40s and 50s. Here the ideal is to look for skirts that fall around the calf or ankle and that have a very feminine appearance.

As for footwear, round-toed heels or shoes type Oxford are an option to raise the vintage look. For their part, Accessories such as pearls and locket are some of the accessories that can be used.

It is not necessary to tie yourself to a single decade; pieces from different years can be mixed as long as overly dramatic or literal outfits are not created. For example, a dress from the 1940s with a leather jacket from the 1980s will rock.

begin to put together a closet vintage it requires time and investment. Therefore, it is recommended to combine with more modern garments, such as a white T-shirt, a pencil skirt or a cardigan. They will help you have more variety, but always preserving the appearance.

The style shops vintage They are more and more frequent, but you still have to go hunting to find them in the cities.

Tips for combining vintage fashion

Here we bring some tips to combine the style and that you do not find yourself lost. Follow them to create matching combinations that do not conflict with the final result.


Look for a blouse reminiscent of the 80s that has oversized sleeves or shoulder pads and wear it with skinny pants or tube boots. This will result in a look chic, but without complications. To finish, add delicate jewelry, such as a small chain or mini hoops.

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Inspiration 70

A-line dresses and mini skirts are more fashionable than ever. The key is to add a sweater or a T-shirt underneath and wear it very short. The most common textiles in which these pieces will be found are denim, corduroy, and leather.

Male airs

Pants at the waist and with a straight cut to the ankles type 50s are a great bet to create a look more formal. Some loafers or some type shoes Oxford they work very well for these pieces. Wear dainty jewelry or a bow blouse to accentuate your femininity.

Victorian style

It is one of the current trends in fashion vintage and is characterized by ruffles at the neck, lace, silk blouses and details that make an ode to the Victorian era. This style is characterized by being very romantic, so it is ideal if it is mixed with more modern pieces to balance.

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Maxi belts

If we have learned anything from previous decades, it is that a good belt can enhance any outfit. Highlighting the waist has been one of the most viewed aspects in fashion from other eras and is a way to make simple garments come to life. Oversized and gold buckles gain prominence.

With vintage fashion, a personal and distinctive style is also established that not everyone wears.

Vintage fashion is unique and personal

Finally, buy fashion vintage It is an excellent option to wear pieces that are not common among the others, so you will have a unique garment chosen by you.

What's more, the clothes vintage not only speak of antiquity, but of iconic styles that represent certain epochs. As a final point, whether they are still labeled or worn, they have intrinsic value that is worth buying for.