What is the ‘slow design’ style decoration and how to copy this trend to have a house that transmits calm

‘Slow’ means slow or slow and for several years it has given its name to a way of life. It’s about living calmly and learning to enjoy every moment. It can be applied to practically any field, from maternity to fashion and even training. How could it be less, the trend has also reached decoration. And it is that, if there is a place that should convey peace, that’s our own home.

The ‘slow design’ or ‘slow deco’ consists of creating spaces in which well-being is the priority. This will help us to live more calmly. If this is what you are looking for, keep reading because today we bring you the main keys to apply this style in your home.

The first is choose the right colors. Neutral tones (white, beige, gray …) should predominate, as they provide more tranquility. It is important to combine them with a decoration that tends towards minimalism, avoiding overloaded rooms. The fewer objects there are, the easier it will be to maintain an order that conveys peace.

Bet on the open concept. In this way, the passage from one room to another will be less abrupt. In addition, it will help family members share the space. You can enhance this effect by creating common areas that are comfortable.

The ‘slow deco’ invites us to become aware of the environment. The transition between interior and exterior is very important, so you have to pay attention to the doors and windows. This is also essential to provide light, which is another key to this style. Makes spaces appear more spacious. In addition, a bright room invites you to spend more time in it.

To finish, let’s talk about the materials. For furniture, the best option is wood, as it brings a lot of warmth to the room. However, natural fibers are a good alternative. As for textiles, you should choose them from organic materials. It does not matter if it is basic such as bedding or decorative elements such as cushions.

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