What is the most effective way to lower the belly

If you are looking to lower your belly and have a flat or toned abdomen, you may have already wondered what is most effective. Should we go out for aerobic exercise, such as running or walking, or doing sit-ups?

In principle, if what you want is to lose weight, you must consider that to see results you have to eat a diet according to your energy expenditure. What does this mean? Consume what you need to be well nourished and perform activities with which you can burn fat.

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It is true that to achieve this, strengthening and toning exercises that harden the muscles are important. But it is not enough to do hundreds of different abs per day: aerobic routine is also necessary.

In this type of work, the heart rate rises and the metabolism is activated. It is advisable to do at least half an hour to 40 minutes of aerobic exercises. It can be jogging, swimming, dancing or pedaling. If you find something you like, you'll see that it will cost you less to do it.

To better understand the importance of aerobic routine, you should know that a woman could consume approximately 100 to 150 calories in a half-hour abdominal session, but spend double or triple jogging during the same time.

Walking, for example, can burn 270 calories in one hour, and exercise on the stationary bike. 300 calories in 40 minutes.

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Of course that would be the basis, because then you have to supplement with toning and elongation exercises.

In any case, and as always, food must accompany this process so that the weight loss is adequate and healthy, according to one's own body and physical condition.

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