What is the mommy makeover?

Eating healthy, hydrating well and exercising are the prelude to the “mommy makeover”, a multi-process cosmetic operation after childbirth. Know what it is about.

Last update: November 30, 2021

Recovering the figure after childbirth is a longing and the mommy makeover It can lead you to achieve it. It involves its risks, like any surgical intervention, but with good preparation and in the hands of professionals it will surely turn out well.

The procedure needs to be accompanied by diet and exercises, because by itself it will not guarantee the expected result. During pregnancy, you have gained weight and the skin has stretched, among other important changes. Its toning is key so that your silhouette returns to the same as before.

Much depends on whether the delivery was vaginal or by cesarean section. The fundamental thing is to relieve postpartum discomfort, regain strength and firm your muscles. The operation drastically advances what is otherwise slower and more gradual.

Keep reading so that you know the scope of the mommy makeover, when it is convenient to do it, its benefits and risks.

What is the mommy makeover?

If you want to return to the pre-pregnancy state, the mommy makeover offers an expedited path. The mechanism consists of simultaneous operations to eliminate those aesthetic changes that resulted from gestation time.

With local or general anesthesia, according to what the professional estimates, and with a hospital stay of less than 48 hours, the treatment manages to correct some issues. But it requires you to pay attention and care about your body that follow the forceful action of the doctor.

What procedures does it include?

The mommy makeover, which seeks to restore the position, shape and turgidity of certain areas of your body, covers at least three interventions.

1. Mammoplasty or mastopexy

This surgery focuses on lifting the sagging chest after pregnancy and lactation, or to increase its size and volume, filling in the excess skin. The shape of the nipple and areola is also taken care of.

It is recommended to use fat from your own body, which will avoid rejections. But it will also determine that in the postoperative period you have to recover from the two areas involved.

On the other hand, it has the advantage that the texture and the changes that time brings will be natural. And very important, scars are minimal, of only 3 millimeters.

This procedure is, in reality, a sum of surgical interventions that are performed almost simultaneously.

2. Abdominoplasty

This is a complex operation on the abdomen that removes bags of fat and excess skin. If you plan to have more children, the time has not come to practice it. The rectus muscles tighten and will separate in a new pregnancy.

After the operation, try to walk as soon as possible and as soon as you can, include a routine of light exercises. Early mobilization reduces the risk of thrombosis.

Specialists say that the fat accumulated in the abdomen is difficult to eliminate, even in women with good eating habits, athletes and disciplined. The option of abdominoplasty seems to be among the most pertinent.

3. Liposuction and liposculpture

With this technique, the fat is extracted, although the distension of the skin and muscles is not worked. In a complementary way, It is with abdominoplasty that the waist and hips are defined or sculpted.

When to do the mommy makeover?

After pregnancy and delivery, your body needs to readjust. So it is best to wait 6 months to 1 year. The uterus will slowly return to its normal size, as will the skin.

Another determining factor is the period of breastfeeding. You can breastfeed for as many months as you want and, when making the decision for cosmetic reconstruction, wait a month. Then yes, you will be ready. This is accompanied by good nutrition, exercise and hydration.

Resort to mommy makeover when you have decided not to have any more children.

A trend in the world of fashion is to become the mommy makeover after cesarean delivery, taking advantage of the operating room, anesthesia, cost and convalescence time. Next to the obstetrician would be the cosmetic surgeon to deal with the reconstruction of tissues and the elimination of adipose content.

Do you have risks?

A medical-surgical activity like this puts on the table genetics, physical constitution before pregnancy, your lifestyle and age. The doctor will tell you which areas will be modified, considering that each body is unique.

In addition, you can not miss the physical examination to determine illnesses, allergies and previous operations, as well as preoperative and analytical examinations. The latter will be more exhaustive the older you are.

Similarly, a control or stabilization of the weight is requested: this is weighing the same for 6 months. Without all this, it would be risky to enter the operating room.

As it is a multi-process operation, it tends to last a considerable time, which poses a higher risk of bleeding, infection or any other complication. The postoperative period will be different according to what was carried out.

Hospitalization will not be less than 24 hours. In the first 72 painkillers will be administered, a supportive and comprehensive girdle will be placed that will remain in place for 4 weeks.

The swelling will be more or less present for 3 to 5 months and the scars for up to 1 year. Arm yourself with patience, allow them to help you with the baby’s care and fully comply with the postoperative protocols.

An abdominal girdle should be worn for several weeks to improve post-surgery recovery.

The makeover paradigm

So called because of the influence of the topic on the networks, the paradigm of makeover it is part of female empowerment. Like a mother fit you transform because you feel empowered and fuller.

The mommy makeover It is a trend and it is advisable that you accompany yourself with a responsible professional advice. The image of famous women who give birth and show spectacular bodies shortly after is a pressure that would lead to confuse desire with reality.

It is recommended that you do not worry too much, because anxiety can be harmful for you and your baby. The most important thing is the health of the body and mind, your emotional stability and the joy that accompanies your endeavor.

If you are happy with yourself and you like your body, you will reflect it in the love and care for you and yours.

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