What is the ice cream diet that Britney Spears wants to try this year

Britney Spears continues to be the funniest thing on Instagram and her account is a miscellany of tips, tricks, statements of intent and, the truth, little glamor. The singer is convinced that this is going to be her year and she wants to show it to all her fans by meeting her goals for 2021: from learning to cook to trying the ice cream diet. Is it another miracle diet? We are going to analyze it to see if we decide to do it with it.

What is the ice cream diet?

The ice cream diet owes its curious name to precisely the fact that it allows you to eat a small amount of ice cream every day. Although Britney Spears discovered it in 2021, this type of diet has been stumbling around the world since 2002. The grace of the system is that in exchange for eating a (small) ice cream a day you have to follow a series of strict rules in the rest of your daily diet, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner included.

The foods that are included in the menus must be healthy and low calorie density (in fact, you should not eat more than 1200 calories a day). further proteins and fiber and the consumption of vegetables and fruits are privileged on carbohydrates and fats (as if ice cream did not have enough carbohydrates and fat).

The explanation that this diet has not become extinct since 2002 until now is, on the one hand, that any type of diet that involves such calorie restriction works in the first place, that is, you lose weight yes or yes. And on the other hand, allowing a sweet treat a day is very appealing to all those who find themselves unable to give up the sweet.


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Is the ice cream diet healthy?

Sorry Britney, but no. Calorie restriction without rhyme or reason can cause major nutritional imbalances And, the worst thing is that it goes ahead but with the risk of recovering what was lost in record time, and that there is no ice cream to compensate it.

Also, most of the weight lost while on this diet comes from elimination of liquids not of fat, so the yo-yo effect is impossible to avoid. If at risk of malnutrition We add that the effort will not be rewarded, the best advice we can give Britney Spears is to follow your instincts and fulfill the goal of learning to cook, because eating ice cream to lose weight does not work.

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