What is the function of after-shave or 'aftershave' products?

After-shave products or after shave are a liquid gel or balm that usually men wear after shaving. In this way, it seeks to calm the itching or burning sensation on the face or shaved area, as well as moisturize and help heal possible wounds.

This product should preferably be used on the cheeks, chin and mustache, although women use it on their legs. It has different properties for the skin, in addition to those already mentioned. Among them, it helps prevent infections and nourishes. Yes, it nourishes the skin.

Although the benefits of these types of after-shave products are multiple, you should be especially careful with your choice if your skin type is sensitive. There are some components that can generate allergies or unwanted results. It is for this reason that it is advisable to verify its components.

The blades can damage the skin a little

The razor blade is a common hygiene implement for men and women, despite the fact that the current market offers different utensils with similar and slightly more advanced utilities. In fact, their introduction has led many to wonder if razor blades are reliable.

To resolve this question, we must start by pointing out that, like any sharp implement, its handling must be carried out under special care. Asepsis is a factor of great relevance. Therefore, to avoid transmission infections, it should always be clean and well stored.

However, the blade can damage the skin a little for two determining factors. The first is that facial skin is very sensitive and delicate. In addition, it is susceptible to different types of bacteria and fungi entering through its pores.

The second factor is that, by having direct contact with the dermis, the sharp blades unnaturally remove the cells present there. If people have moles or suffer from acne, it can be more affected.

However, the American Association of the Academy of Dermatology notes that most of the discomfort or damage that occurs to the skin after shaving is due more to poor shaving technique than to the blade itself. Optimizing care and protocol reduces damage.

Men with acne are more exposed to knife wounds, as the skin is damaged by the cutting edge.

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What is the function of aftershave products?

As we already mentioned, aftershave products, also called after shave, have the function of soothing the skin. This involves moisturizing it to give it a smooth appearance..

They also have an astringent function, preventing the penetration of bacteria. They help restore the first layer of the skin and serve as a healing, in case you cut yourself when removing the hairs.

They have something very particular and that is that, as the cosmetic market has grown so much, according to studies on the matter, it is possible to find aftershave products in different presentations and brands. There is, then, a wide variety of mixtures that include vitamin E and C, collagen and other components.

If you have sensitive skin, the most recommended is to use a product after shave that does not contain alcohol; This will prevent your skin from becoming irritated and reddish.

What are the benefits of aftershave on the skin?

The after shave their general benefit is to help restore the skin that is affected during shaving. We have already named some benefits, but there are more.

Some contain witch hazel, a plant with astringent and antimicrobial properties. It also serves as a hemostatic, acting on the wounds that you can make and helping to heal.

To this natural component are added others, such as essential oils derived from seeds or nuts with a mild aroma for the skin. These oils are used precisely to leave a rich fragrance and provide nutrition.

To them are added vitamin E, which has anti-aging effect thanks to its antioxidant properties. Studies highlight that it helps prevent damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays. It has also been proven that it has an action in the disappearance of skin affections, such as melasma.

Finally, you can find products that are made with aloe vera. This plant generates an effective action in the care of sensitive skin, affected by the sun, acne or dryness.

It is usually combined with glycerin, which stands out for its moisturizing properties. Also with bay rum, a natural product that acts as a pain reliever, provides mild fragrance and can relieve burning sensation.

Can it only be used after shaving?

After reading the many benefits that the after shaveYou may wonder if you can use it regularly even if you haven't shaved. The answer is yes.

The components of these aftershaves have multiple benefits for the skin. So although they are intended for aftershave, they can be used in other settings.

You could use it during a face care and cleansing session. It doesn't necessarily have to be when you're going to shave. You can use it twice a week in this sense.

Women can also use some after shave for after waxing.

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What ingredients should be avoided in aftershave?

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid alcohol at all costs, as it can generate unwanted effects or allergy. In addition, this component has no greater functions than killing bacteria.

Refraining from using it will not make a difference and it can prevent redness, irritation or itching. If you have any doubts about a possible allergy, ask your doctor for a sensitivity test.

On the other hand, it is recommended avoid those products with unregulated artificial fragrances, which can also cause irritation, hives or eczema.

Do you dare to use an aftershave product?

Most likely, you have encouraged to use a product after shave ever. Therefore, to conclude this article we tell you that the first thing you should do is wash your face very well after shaving it. Do it with a little lukewarm water so that the pores are more open.

Then apply your after shave and performs circular movements to facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Leave on for 5 minutes or maximum 7, rinse with enough cold water to close the pores and that's it. Get nourished, smooth and glowing skin.