What is the emotional meaning of the varicose veins in your legs

Varicose veins are very common, especially in the legs. It involves venous dilatations (veins that become inflamed) that, in some cases, can cause pain or discomfort.

At a physical level, they indicate a circulatory problem that becomes visible in the well-known blue or purple lines on the skin. But … is this all? As long as we are the union of our body and mind, the varices could also have an emotional meaning. Which?

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According to Rosa Pavón Batlle, Accompanying Specialist in BioNeuroEmoción, the varicose veins They could indicate the desire to have more time for oneself. That is to say, they can appear in those people who feel that they have to take charge of many things that are heavy, tedious or that tire them for others. That can generate disgust, annoyance, lack of joy.

In general, they also appear on the legs that symbolize where we are going in life.

Ask yourself then what is the direction you want, the most genuine, not the one you should take or the one you are expected to follow, if not the one that would make you happy.

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According to the specialist, the greater the feeling of heaviness generated by varicose veins, the stronger the message that life is heavy and painful. To free the circulation is symbolically to unblock the road, to understand it as fluid, without so much burden.

"The little voice that always pushes you to do more or to do better is not the voice of your heart, let him direct you, know your needs better, choose what you want and what you love," the specialist recommends.

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