What is the 1,300 calorie low carb diet and why you should follow it to lose weight and speed up metabolism

The low-carb dietOr what is the same, low carb, is all that type of food whose consumption of carbohydrates is equal to or less than 30% of energy consumption. It does not consist in completely eliminating the carbohydrates your diet, which would be something very complicated to maintain over time, but to reduce your intake and always choose those that are complex such as whole grains, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, legumes…

diets low in carbohydrates have become one of the preferred by professionals to achieve slim down in a healthy way because, in addition to helping us lose fat body, have other benefits, such as stabilizing the glucose in blood, calm the appetite, decrease the anxiety by eating, reduce inflammationimprove liver function, the ability to concentrate and lucidity…

Of course, if what you want is to lose weight, most professionals agree that the proper diet should have a limit of 1,300 caloriesbecause they are sufficient to ensure the nutrients basic to the body, reducing the calories you eat to get the weightloss desired.

Why are low carb diets useful for losing weight?

One of the myths The most widespread is that low-carbohydrate diets are good for losing weight but are unhealthy due to their high proportion of carbohydrates. fats and proteins, but different studies disprove this myth. According to these studies, diets low-carb have the same health benefits as a low-fat diet because they balance the blood pressure and blood glucose and lipid levels.

Of course, there is a big difference between a low carb diet balanced and one extreme since the second can cause ketosis have some negative side effects. Furthermore, the diets ketogenic are more difficult to carry out without risking our Healthso its duration must be short.

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

In short, a low carb diet properly plannedthat does not reach the ketosis and that incorporates good quality carbohydrates, can be more useful for losing weight than a diet low in fatsin addition to taking care of our health.

How to carry out a low carb diet

so that one low carb or low carbohydrate diet is truly useful for losing weight and takes care of the health of the organism, we must to plan correctly the same and make a correct selection of the f sources of hydrates, choosing those rich in fiber or non-digestible and avoiding refined carbohydrate sources as much as possible, as well as sugars.

The foods that will help us the most will be fruits and vegetabless, as well as the legumes, nuts and seeds. A variety of vegetables, tubers and fresh fruits should be our main source of carbohydrates, although you can also consume them in small proportions, whole grains and above all, legumeswhich have fewer carbohydrates, and more fiber and protein than the first.

Lastly, for it to truly be a healthy diet, most of the energy must come from good sources. protein and fat. That is, you should choose lean meats, fish, egg whites and vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and avocado as sources of good fats for the body.