What is sexual positivism and what is its goal?

Do you think you have sexual prejudices? If your answer was “no”, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions: Have you ever judged a woman's clothing on the street for considering it? too provocative? Have you questioned the truthfulness of the love of a couple in an open relationship? Have you felt forced to do some sexual practice that you really did not want? So, you may be interested in learning about the concept of sexual positivism.

Traditionally, monogamous and heterosexual relationships have been the norm and sex was conceived for a single reproductive purpose. Anything that came out of those standards was considered sinful or undesirable.

Today this trend coexists with another extreme. And it is that an inertia is taking root to be classified as bored or puritans to those who do not feel the desire to explore sexuality in all its varieties.

What is the common point of both positions ?: intolerance, judgment, and the idea that there is a right way to live sexuality. In contrast to these modalities, sexual positivism arises.

What is sexual positivism?

Sex positivism (or sex positive) is a concept that advocates an attitude to sexuality based on freedom and respect. It is about generating a vision of sex as something natural and inherent to the human being, which everyone should explore and enjoy without prejudice, guilt or shame.

It is not about imposing any kind of action, but about fostering an open and tolerant disposition. That is, each person can choose how, when, where and with whom to relate on a sexual level, respecting the choices of others, even if they are different.

What is the OBJETIVE?

Sexual positivism promotes in people a new, more natural and healthy way of contemplating their own and others' sexuality. Its main objectives could be summarized as follows:

  • Respect for sexual diversity and to the different expressions of gender and sexual orientations.
  • Tolerance towards any practice or sexual activity, as long as it is safe and consensual.
  • Rejection of the stigma of sexuality and abolition of judgments and associated oppression.
  • Have quality and truthful sex education to explore and decide freely.

How did this idea come about?

The psychologist Wilhelm Reich could be considered as the precursor of this concept, who already in the 1920s advocated a free, natural and positive sexuality. However, it is with the pro-sex movement that it gains strength. This social movement advocates for an educated, consensual and safe sexuality.

Respect for the diverse ways of living sexuality is the pillar of sexual positivism. It is based on not stigmatizing.

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Is there sexual negativity?

If a sexual positivism is posed, it is possible to think that the opposite attitudes exist. A large percentage of people remain in sexual negativity due to the very social and cultural influences in which we are immersed since we are born.

Sexual negativity encompasses all judgmental and oppressive attitudes regarding sexuality. From dismissing a monogamous person as boring to considering homosexuality as something undesirable or reproaching those who decide to have casual and sporadic sexual encounters for their behavior.

Even those who repress and judge themselves for their sexual desires, thoughts or behaviors are falling into this negativity. As a process of self-stigmatization.

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How to practice sexual positivism?

If you want to practice sexual positivity it is not necessary that you modify your behaviors, but your attitude. The goal is for you to identify the stigma, judgments, shame or guilt that you associate with sexuality and work to eliminate them. This applies to your relationship with others as well as with yourself.

What do you think about your sexual desires and behaviors? What are the associated emotions that appear? What types of behaviors do you consider appropriate and which are reprehensible? Here is the origin from which to work.

Changing the paradigm of beliefs is a process that takes time. Therefore, start by recognizing when these types of negative attitudes appear towards sexuality, analyze why they are there and how else you could think about it.

Society establishes patterns of behavior in all areas, including sexual. You have to know how to identify them to decide freely.

Work on sexual positivism

Rejecting or stigmatizing sexuality only generates suffering, since it is a natural part of all. Blaming ourselves, embarrassing ourselves, or repressing our desires creates dissatisfaction, frustration, and low self-esteem.

If we hold wrong beliefs about sensuality or sex, our relationships can be affected. On the contrary, by promoting sexual well-being we will be avoiding problems, dysfunctions and suffering.

It is beneficial to start working on sexual positivism to release those beliefs and begin to relate to sex in a natural way and healthy. Respect yourself, set your limits, desires and preferences without guilt. Do it the same way with the others.

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