What is seitan? These are the benefits of fashion food

If you have investigated something (even a little) the vegan / vegetarian section of the supermarket, you will have run into the tofu in front of the shelf, but also with the seitan. Although it may seem like the dull cousin of tofu, seitan is more than that: in reality, it tastes more or less the same as meat and can be used as a substitute for it if you have just decided that you will not eat anything else that comes from animals. Its consistency and taste can cause you to suffer less, if you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms when it comes to eating meat. In pizza, sandwiches and even hamburgers, if you want an alternative to tofu, the seitan will become your best friend.

What is seitan?

Surely you'll wonder what their ingredients are. Well, it has nothing to do with tofu. In fact, it's quite different. The seitan is made of gluten, the protein that we find in wheat after the flour particles disappear.

What nutritional values ​​do you have?

The seitan contains proteins and it's low in calories, but you should not focus solely on it to complete your protein needs, since it does not contain the essential amino acids that would be found in animal protein. To equate the protein of a chicken fillet with that of seitan you would have to combine it with other vegetables such as peppers, beans, mushrooms or nuts.

You have to take into account the seitan preservatives and buy the least processed version of them all. The fewer ingredients you have, the better the better, as there are many brands that use additives to make it look appealing.

How is seitan prepared?

If you do not have much skill in the kitchen, you're in luck: Seitan admits all possible combinations. Feel free to experience why you hit everything. Make scrambled with vegetables, add it to the salad or even make tacos or burritos with it. Choose the combination you choose, you will not regret it.

We are already adding it to our shopping list. And making the relevant photo for Instagram 'feed'.

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