What is sarcopenia and how can you fight it in menopause

Upon reaching a certain age, around the age of 50 generally, menopause symptoms begin to appear. These symptoms can lead to a notable decrease in the quality of life of women. Hot flushes, lack of sleep, weight changes, irritability, vaginal dryness … and to top it off, sarcopenia appears due to aging. We tell you what it is and how you can fight it in menopause.

What is sarcopenia?

It is not something that is associated only with women but during menopause it is common to talk about sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass that occurs in the aging process. or by leading a very sedentary life.

The term was coined by Irwin Rosenberg in 1989 that defined sarcopenia as the loss of muscle mass and power that occurs during aging. This is something that happens yes or yes over time although it may have different levels depending on how you take care of yourself..

Sarcopenia It is associated with osteoporosis, thus becoming two factors that determine both the longevity and the quality of life of, in this case, the woman. According to a study by the University of Columbia (USA), sarcopenia appears when a group of muscle cell proteins suffer a loss of calcium, this would trigger a series of processes that would end up limiting the contraction of muscle fibers.

Consequences of sarcopenia

In addition to increasing the risk of falls and bone fractures, sarcopenia also involves an increase in fatty tissue and the latter has been related to cardiovascular risk factors such as clinical symptoms of hypertension, obesity or diabetes.

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The syndrome would cause muscle mass, strength and performance to be lost progressively, thereby reducing the quality of life and raising the risk of disability, pain and weakness. But don't worry that turning years doesn't have to be scary, just the opposite! Watch out because sarcopenia can be fought and we will tell you how.

How to fight sarcopenia

Quiet because the loss of muscle mass does not happen overnight, it is a slow process and it happens progressively over the years, however, There are certain recommendations that you can follow to make this progress even slower.

Sarcopenia is aggravated by bad habits, be it a bad diet, lack of sleep, diseases, a sedentary lifestyle … so following a healthy lifestyle will slow the rate of progress of sarcopenia. Maintain good sleep hygiene, healthy eating and exercise regularly, will be three fundamental pillars to take care of your muscle mass.

Include in your diet foods rich in proteins and amino acids such as meat, eggs, fish or cheese, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Calorie restriction has been observed as positive in this field, as has the intake of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods such as turmeric, red fruits or green tea.

Resistance exercises are best suited to prevent and treat sarcopenia since they work on strength and muscle mass. Exercises such as pilates, yoga, core work as irons, the glute bridge, play tennis … with physical activity 3 times a week You can leave sarcopenia out of combat. Who said fear? This new stage is to live it fully and, taking care of yourself, it can be one of the best in your life.

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