What is phentermine, the appetite suppressant that they have found in Naya Rivera's body and that is prohibited in Spain

The actress Naya rivera died in July 2020 at age 33. The interpreter was sailing on a boat with her 4 year old when it disappeared. Days later, his body was found: he had died of drowning. Recently the autopsy result, which reveals small amounts in your body of amphetamines, diazepam, and a substance called phentermine, used to control appetite.


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The cause of death de Rivera is related to the strong vertigo that he suffered for a long time, and that could cause him to drown. Fortunately, she was able to save her 4-year-old son Jose. His death adds another tragedy to all those who have hit the cast from the Glee series. The remains of phentermine on his body, one more sign of the consequences of the image's dictatorship in show business.

Phentermine is a stimulant from the amphetamine family which is used in some countries in the treatment of exogenous obesity (that is, of the one caused by an intake of calories higher than what the body needs) to suppress the appetite. And how does this drug control the urge to eat? Helping our neurons to release dopamine and adrenaline, among other neurotransmitters, that have an effect on our desire for food. This drug is usually prescribed for a few weeks and always combined with healthy eating guidelines, exercise, and psychological support if necessary.

Phentermine, banned in Spain

In Spain, the authorization to market drugs containing this active ingredient was revoked in 2000. Phentermine can be addictive and has side effects. Among them, insomnia, palpitations, euphoria, or nausea. Driving while taking or consuming while pregnant is also not recommended. It is contraindicated, for example, for patients who have been drug addicts, with a predisposition to abuse alcohol or psychiatric illnesses.

In the United States, the FDA approved phentermine in 1959. Naya Rivera was taking it. The actress was neither obese nor overweight.

Although the need to include diversity in all areas (also in that of bodies) increasingly seeps into public discourse, the truth is that the pressure to stay slim and in shape she is still towering in show business, especially for women.

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