What is myelitis? This is the disease that María Pombo has been diagnosed with

Last Friday Maria Pombo He reappeared on his social networks to explain the reason for his absence: the influencer had been undergoing medical tests for several weeks since he had begun to feel tingling, "I have been going to the hospital these last weeks because these last twenty days I have been feeling some pretty strange tingling in my body. As you know, my mother has multiple sclerosis and in my family we are very attentive to this type of symptoms. Although it is not a hereditary disease, it does go in the genes. So I am more likely to have it than a person who has no background, "he said in a video posted on his Instagram account.

Although María has not yet shared whether or not she suffers from the same disease as her mother, she did reveal to the press what results some of the medical tests she had undergone had given, a few days after sharing the video on her social networks. The influencer suffers myelitis, an inflammation of the marrow which in some cases can be one of the first symptoms of sclerosis.

Before the press when she went out for a walk, she assured that she felt "encouraged and willing to return to work and normal life", affirming that "medicine advances every day and has nothing to do with that of 20 years ago". Hopeful words about her situation, although she has not denied that it has been "a jug of cold water" for both her family and herself.

We have talked to the doctor Dr. Rebeca Fernández of the Neurology Service of Hospital La Luz, to know something more about this condition that is on the lips of all the last days, due to the case of María.

What is myelitis?

According to Dr. Fernández, it is "a inflammation of the spinal cord in one or more segments, especially of cervical and dorsal location, which produces a dysfunction in its operation, of acute or subacute onset and may or may not be accompanied by inflammation at the cerebral level, "he points out.

Despite the fact that Maria has taken for granted that her health problems will trigger multiple sclerosis, "As you can see, I'm assuming I have sclerosis a little because I want to get psyched ", it is not entirely safe. At the moment, the it girl has only affirmed about insurance, who suffers from myelitis. Dr. Fernández explains the possible causes of this disease, "in young people: the most frequent is an autoimmune inflammatory cause after a systemic infectious process such as a viral process or in the context of type demyelinating diseases multiple sclerosis, but we cannot ignore the importance of an anoxic or traumatic cause, "he explains. So the influencer would have to wait for his final diagnosis to really know if he has multiple sclerosis.

At the moment, as María has expressed on her social networks, we have to wait, "I'll tell you when they give me the results," he said in the final part of the video. We will be attentive to his Instagram account, where he usually shares the most important news with his followers.

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