What is multiple sclerosis? The keys to understanding the disease that María Pombo could have

Maria Pombo she had been away from her social networks for several weeks. The influencer had not given any explanation for this absence, which had her fans somewhat worried. The explanation came last Friday in an IGTV video where he explained the reason for his absence to his followers. And is that Maria could have multiple sclerosis, a rare disease but that her mother also suffers, a fact that would have interfered with the premature detection of the disease.

As María explained in the video, it is not a hereditary disease (as happened with Ewing's Sarcoma suffered by Álex Lequio), however, if you have a family history, as in this case, his mother is more likely to suffer it as the influencer said in the video, "As you know, my mother has multiple sclerosis and in my family we are very attentive to these types of symptoms. Although it is not a hereditary disease, it does go in the genes. So I'm more likely to have it myself than a person with no history. " María, who began to notice tingling throughout the body a few weeks ago, decided to go to the hospital, since it is one of the earliest symptoms of the disease.

As she explained, both she and her sisters have always been very aware of possible symptoms, having grown up with the disease. What is the multiple sclerosis? According to the digital platform of Mayo Clinic: "Multiple sclerosis is a brain and spinal cord disease (central nervous system) that can cause disability. With multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that lines the nerve fibers and causes communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body. Over time, the disease can cause permanent deterioration or damage to the nerves, "they point out, and furthermore, list the symptoms.

What symptoms do you have?

The symptoms can vary greatly, depending on the state of the disease, but the most common are:

-Numbness of one side of the body, legs or trunk.

-Sensations of "electric shocks" when making certain movements with the neck.

-Tremors or lack of coordination.

Vision problems including partial or complete loss of vision, blurred or double vision.

-Ballowing, dizziness, tiredness without reason, tingling in the body and problems with the intestines and bladder.

The truth is that people with multiple sclerosis They are characterized by having a recurrent-remitting disease corpuscle, they also explain it in the Mayo Clinic platform, "They have periods with new symptoms or relapses that appear for days or weeks and generally improve partially or totally. These Relapses are followed by quiet periods of remission of the disease that can last for months and even years, "they explain.

A disease for which there is still no definitive cure, but in which many advances have been made in recent years, as María herself points out in the video that she posted on her social networks. However, the influencer has not yet fully diagnosed (although he has confirmed that he has myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord that is sometimes the beginning of multiple sclerosis), so from this moment on, only wait.

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