What is liquid hair and how to get it?

The silkiness and elegance of straight hair dominate among women’s favorite outfits. Although the trend is not new, in recent times it has become relevant because it combines with almost any style.

Last update: 26 September, 2022

Straightening hair as much as possible is the end of liquid hair. This styling trend is preferred by women who find elegance in simplicity.

It has nothing to do with bows or defined waves, but with the lightness of straight hair that shines and shows fluidity. The advantage of styling your hair the liquid way is that it goes hand in hand with any outfit you choose. Short or long dresses, jeans, gala suits or a look sporty fit ultrasmooth.

Your hair does not need to be fine to achieve the effect. We will tell you everything you need to know.

What is liquid hair?

Liquid hair is the very smooth appearance of hair, no matter that the natural shape is curly. What is captivating about the technique is the silky, shiny and moving aspect. In favor of the style, it highlights the particularity to clear the face and offer an impressive frame to the look.

It is essential that the hair is healthy. Otherwise, it will not show the lightness that characterizes the style.

The effect is better if you received a moisturizing treatment in advance. There are methods to straighten hair naturally, but they can also be chemical based.

What is sought is to nourish the hair fiber, since in this way the liquid finish is impeccable. However, it is important to consider certain points so that the straightening treatment does not harm the strands.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that hair softeners often contain formaldehyde. This substance demands the heat of an iron to impregnate itself. The ingredient is released into the air as a gas and if there is no ventilation, there is a risk of inhalation.

To carry out the process, by recommendation of the FDA, do it with the help of a stylist. Check the composition of the material to be used and consult the possible adverse reactions.

Using heat tools on hair requires caution and attention. Better if you consult a stylist.

Tips to achieve liquid hair

Once the hair receives the straightening treatment, so that the liquid mane has an impact, put the following tips into practice.

1. Apply spray

you find sprays for hair with the quality of straightening and making it more manageable. This kind of solutions they eliminate the frizz and provide the hair with a primer for drying or ironing to reach the maximum level. Instant smoothing formulas hydrate and prepare strands for the heat.

2. Dry or iron

Straightening treatments are so efficient that, depending on the level of curl of your hair, it will not be necessary to subject it to heat to straighten it. Nevertheless, if what you want is liquid hair, you have to rely on thermal tools.

Irons, dryers or straightening brushes discipline the hair. In order not to damage the hair, it is essential to spray it beforehand with a thermal protector. For the same purpose, iron only if the hair has dried completely; if you do it while it’s still wet, you “cook” the cuticle with the steam.

3. Nourishes and moisturizes

A well-nourished and hydrated hair sets aside rebelliousness. This benefits the liquid appearance. Include in hair care products that prevent frizz and that contribute to the health of the hair.

Magazine Educational Themes explains that following a balanced diet is the main basis for hair well-being. They add that trace elements, minerals and vitamins are essential in food for this purpose.

Among the nutrients required by the hair, an article of Professional Pharmacy list the following:

  • Zinc.
  • Iron.
  • Magnesium.
  • Folic acid.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • B12 vitamin.
  • Sulfur amino acids.

In addition, moisturizing serums and oils are beneficial for liquid hair, as they nourish, They provide the brightness and delicacy that the technique pursues.

4. Meet the hairstyle

The striking thing about ultra-straight hair is that the back cascades with impressive flexibilitywhile on the front, the styling complements the makeup.

To keep it that way, create the hairstyle associated with liquid hair, which It is parted with a stripe down the middle, achieving a mirror effect. The strands that remain in the frontal area have to be carried behind the ears.

The trend admits slight variations, such as semi-wavy tips.

5. Choose the right products

Do not wait for the arrival of an event to fix your hair in a liquid way; if you take care of it in advance, the results will be phenomenal. Selecting a shampoo and conditioner for extra-smooth hair is crucial.

These formulas have multiple moisturizing and smoothing properties. Similarly, the sprays and anti-aging wipesfrizz stand out among the alternatives that eliminate static.

Hair care cannot be limited to liquid styling. Moisturizing shampoos should be used daily.

6. Execute a good drying technique

It is not enough to just pass the nozzle of the dryer over the hair. Following a proper technique, drying is like a magazine cover.

The secret is to use the narrowest head on the dryer, pointing towards the floor. In this way, you prevent the ravages of high temperatures.

How to take care of the hair after liquid hair?

When you are exposed to the heat of irons and dryers, as well as professional straightening substances, the hair needs special attention to recover. Washing it is basic spacing the toilet according to the requirements that respond to the type of hair.

The Healthy Skin Foundation suggests the consumption of vitamin complexes rich in specific elements for the hair and also to distance oneself from products that negatively affect the hair fiber.

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