What is glaucoma, the eye disease that Laura Matamoros has been diagnosed with and can leave her blind

He glaucoma It is a disease that affects the health of the eyes and is much more common than we might think. In fact, it is considered by the WHO as the second cause of blindness in the world. In our country about a million people have been diagnosed with glaucoma and, unfortunately, Laura Matamoros has just confirmed that she also suffers from it and that it has already affected her vision: "I have damaged my optic nerve, so I see very little and from the middle of the eye down I barely have vision ", he declared. But what is this disease and how is it treated?


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What is glaucoma and why does it take so long to be diagnosed?

The most dangerous of the disease suffered by Laura Matamoros is that your vision is stealing without you noticing: it begins with subtracting peripheral vision, very little by little, and in most cases that loss is not accompanied by any other symptoms. It is calculated that half of people with glaucoma discover it when the disease has advanced and the lost vision cannot be recovered.

"Glaucoma is characterized by not showing its effects until the final phase, where the deterioration of the optic nerve causes a loss of lateral or peripheral vision and this generates a tunnel effect", explains the Doctor Gonzalo Muñoz, Medical Director of Clínica Baviera. The good news is that if we have routine checkups to check the health of our eyes, it is possible to detect glaucoma early and slow its progression in most cases. Those reviews are especially important for people who have a family history of glaucoma (as happens to Laura whose father Kiko Matamoros suffers from the same disease), they have already turned 40 or are myopic.

He Laura Matamoros case is exceptional because he suffers from a type of glaucoma that has not only attacked a very young person but has also given symptoms (the influencer has talked about suffering from eye problems when getting on the plane he noticed punctures and that his eye "vibrated"). The final diagnosis you have received is that you have a low-tension glaucoma, a less common form of glaucoma. In most cases of glaucoma the tension inside the eye is so high that it ends up damaging the optic nerve.

However, in the type of glaucoma suffered by Laura Matamoros that intraocular pressure is normal and, even so, his optic nerve has ended up damaged because his cells die before their time.


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How is glaucoma treated

Having glaucoma does not have to be synonymous with going blind: there are more and more treatments to slow the progression of the diseaseAlthough it is true that the earlier it is diagnosed and the sooner the treatment is applied, the better the results that are achieved.

Most of the treatments are focused on relieving this intraocular pressure to avoid damaging the cells of the optic nerve. To achieve this objective several ways are followed. The first is the daily administration of hypotensive drops, a kind of eye drops that the patient must apply daily. If the drops do not give the good results that they should and the disease progresses, other therapies such as laser and even surgery can be chosen.

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