What is faster and more effective to lose weight: diet or exercise?

When we go up a size (or two) and we want to get rid of that "excess" fat Many people see this problem as a trade-off and take one of two paths to diet or increase physical activity. But intuitions and personal preferences aside, it is time to listen to science and find out if it is possible to lose those extra pounds just at the gym and continue to keep our little "whims" in our daily diet in the form of beer, appetizer, pizza, muffins for breakfast… Do we lose more weight on a diet or killing ourselves in the gym by exercising? ¿It is mandatory to combine both options to lose the excess weight? Science has the answer… and you might not like it if you're a big fan of after-gym straws.

Unfortunately, lovers of the sport of compensation for hypercaloric whims are not right in their assumption that it does not matter to snack in the morning if later in the afternoon we are going to kill ourselves running on the treadmill. To start because we tend to underestimate the caloric power of the food we eat at the end of the day (We all think we eat fewer calories than we actually take) and to continue because we overestimate the calories we consume by running two laps around the block. That is a scientific fact and he proved it years ago researcher Jason Block and his team from Harvard University.


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To lose weight you need to make a caloric deficit And that is not achieved by squats but by watching (a lot) what you eat. Also, for better or for worse we are very well designed, which implies that our body is very capable of retaining calories from food and transforming them into fat to put them in reserve and very stingy when it comes to spending and "melting" those reserves.

It may be that for you, in front of the mirror and the scale, that fat is over you, but for your metabolism it is perfectly fine where it is. This method of accumulating and saving energy translates into the gym as follows: burning accumulated fat is much more difficult than accumulating new fat no matter how much you increase the intensity of your training. Or what is the same: if you continue eating pizza and hamburgers, not only will you not burn what is left over, you will continue to accumulate more. What you eat, its composition and the quality of nutrients matter more when it comes to losing weight than your exercise routine.


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Our advice is to stop deceiving yourself and, if you really want to lose weight, forget about food fads full of empty calories. So that you understand the importance of those moments of weakness in front of the bakery shop window (and that of following a healthy, hypocaloric diet if you want to lose weight) Royal Society for Public Health British published a table in which they calculated the amount of exercise we would have to do when eating certain foods.

Take note: a machine cheese and ham sandwich is a 42-minute race; burning a single soda takes 26 minutes of brisk walking; eating a piece of pizza takes an hour on the elliptical; and a single muffin, 25 minutes running. Don't kid yourself, you won't burn that chocolate palm tree at the gym.

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