What is body neuroscience, according to Nazareth Castellanos: from theory to practice

Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival

Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival

What is the relationship between neuroscience and meditation? Nazareth Castellanos, theoretical physicist and doctor in Neuroscience, will explain it extensively at the Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival.

By Diana Torres

August 24, 2021 / 6:00 PM

Have you ever stopped to think that your posture and your body could be directly influencing your mind? This is what the body neuroscience, An investigation in which it is shown that the brain must be related to the rest of the organs, so that the mind not only depends on it, but on the whole body.

Discover the relationship between neuroscience and meditation and don't miss Nazareth Castellanos's presentation at the Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival

Nazareth Castellanos, expert in neuroscience

An expert on this subject is Nazareth Castellanos. The graduate in theoretical physics and PhD in Neuroscience has dedicated more than 20 years of her life to researching how meditation shapes the relationship of the brain with the rest of the body. To do this, it develops the scientific bases of the influence of the intestine, respiration, heart or body posture on neuronal dynamics.

Nazareth is Research Director of Nirakara-Lab, chair of mindfulness and cognitive sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid and director of the brain-body interaction research project in meditators. A motivation for science that has led her to want to transfer this knowledge so that we all know each other better and learn to be better with ourselves. For this reason, it has also designed courses in which the scientific bases are exposed, practiced and reflected on this area.

In addition to giving the opportunity to follow his courses, on his website Nazareth Castellanos takes the opportunity to explain something more about body neuroscience. A little contact with this topic that helps us better understand the scientific revolution that we are experiencing.

What is body neuroscience?

Although 3 or 4 years ago neuroscience was based on the study of the activity of neurons or brain areas, the researcher's group Catherine Tallon-Baudry in Paris she became a pioneer when it came to studying the brain-heart relationship. They were the ones who showed that we perceive the images that reach our eyes when the brain responds to the heartbeat. In fact, the stronger our brain responds to the heartbeat, the more we think of ourselves.

Yoga already anticipated the influence of respiration on mental states, but in the case of science it is now that the relationship between respiration and the brain has begun to be known. And it is that a study has already shown that breathing modulates a very deep area of ​​the brain, called ‘locus coerulus’, an area especially relevant for attention and memory.

Four years ago, the Max Planck Institute in Germany indicated that the brain integrates the information that comes from the intestine. A discovery of the most relevant in recent years, since diet influences neurotransmitters, being able to change the neural structure and make brain areas more active than others.

Posture also plays a very important role in our nervous system. Antonio Damasio, One of the great neuroscientists of the century says that our body "knows what the mind has not yet realized", and that is that the sensations of our body influence our decision-making.

Taking care of body posture has benefits for both the muscles and the mind. German researchers corroborated this in 2014, when they showed that the number of negative words we remember is greater when we are in a tilted position or hunched over. On the contrary, we remember more positive words when we are upright.

The posture in which we sleep also influences the brain cleansing system, since sleeping on your side is the best way to purify extracellular fluid.

Neuroscience at Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival

If you want to know the great influence that our body and all the organs that compose it have on our mind, don't miss the presentation by Nazareth Castellanos herself at Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival. The expert on the subject will attend the Green Patio in Madrid next Sunday, September 26, where she will have the opportunity to explain to us how neuroscience positively influences meditating.

Like Nazareth, other professionals such as Gemma Bes or Jane Goodall will be present at the event of the year when it comes to sustainability and healthy living. Do not miss it and buy your ticket here now before they are sold out.


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