What is bifidus and what are its benefits?

With the name "bifidus" we refer to a set of bacteria existing in yogurts that are part of the genus Bifidobacterium. These microorganisms have been shown to be beneficial for health, since they manage to colonize the intestinal tract and improve digestive functions.

In recent years, knowledge about the intestinal microbiota has increased. In fact, today this group of bacteria is recognized as an independent organ. It is known that it is necessary to guarantee its biodiversity, as well as to contribute microorganisms on a regular basis that ensure good health of the digestive tract.

What exactly is bifidus?

As we discussed, we refer to the bacterial strains found in yogurt and belonging to the group of Bifidobacterium. These, along with the Lactobacillus, they would constitute the microbial load of fermented foods of lactic origin. It must be taken into account that the regular intake of these microorganisms is capable of generating benefits, according to a study published in the journal Journal of Microbiology.

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What food is it in?

Despite the tendency to associate bifidus with the bacteria that live in yogurt, it is also possible to find these organisms in other products, such as kefir. In fact, both should be included in the usual diet, since its properties have been evidenced.

They can be used to improve the efficiency of digestion, but also to prevent multiple chronic and complex pathologies.

Not only does yogurt have bifidus, but kefir also has them, so both products are recommended in this regard.

Bifidus for the baby

There has been much debate about the need or importance of including bifidus in the baby's diet. The truth is that a percentage of bacteria of this genus are already provided through breastfeeding, since breast milk also contains beneficial microorganisms in its composition.

However, the positive effects of probiotic supplementation to prevent the onset of food intolerances and the development of inflammatory bowel diseases are highlighted. Anyway, with this issue you have to be careful.

While it is true that bacteria supplements have been safe in children and babies, it is best if they are recommended by a professional. It is necessary to choose the product in question well and administer it correctly. There are also cases in which its use is not recommended, such as immunosuppressed premature infants.

Health benefits of probiotics

It should be noted that bifidus, along with many other species of probiotics, generates benefits on the functioning of the human organism. The most important are the following.

Better digestions

As we have mentioned, the habitual presence of bacteria in the diet increases biodiversity at the intestinal level, which generates a lower risk of developing food intolerances. It can also reduce insulin resistance and improve fat metabolism.

Likewise, a healthy bacterial population is capable of stabilizing intestinal transit and avoiding the appearance of acute diarrhea, as well as those associated with the consumption of antibiotics.

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More efficient immune system thanks to bifidus

The intestine constitutes one of the main barriers for most microorganisms harmful that claim to enter the bloodstream. For this reason, having a healthy microbiota has proven beneficial in reducing the incidence of infectious diseases.

Lower risk of neurological damage

There is a connection between the brain and the gut. Changes in mood can affect digestive capacity and vice versa. Therefore, it is not surprising that anxiety processes lead to the appearance of diarrhea.

In addition, having a healthy microbiota with wide biodiversity is capable of reducing the risk of developing complex neurodegenerative pathologies. Many of these diseases are associated with the accumulation of beta amyloid compounds at the brain level.

For these elements to reach this area, they must first be absorbed in the intestine. If there is an efficient bacterial population, the permeability of the intestinal wall will be reduced, so fewer toxic elements will pass through it and reach the bloodstream.

The healthy microbiota contributes to strengthening the immune system and preventing degenerative neurological diseases.

Bifidus: beneficial elements for health

As commented, introducing bifidus into the diet is advisable to improve health. To carry out this task it is necessary to include yogurts and kefir in the diet. In the case of babies, the demands would be met by ingesting breast milk.

Besides, it is possible to additionally assess probiotic supplementation in some cases. These microorganisms can colonize the intestine selectively. Not only at the digestive level will the effects be noticed, but the immune function will also be enhanced. It is even possible to reduce the incidence of some neurodegenerative pathologies.

However, Before acquiring a supplement of this type, consult a specialist. It is necessary to choose it well and consume it in the right way to experience the positive effects. Each case must be assessed individually, as some people should not use such products.