What is acrylamide and why does everyone talk about it?

Acrylamide It is a word that is on everyone's lips, but … What is a substance that is present in various foods and that has set off alarms?

The acrylamide It is a chemical compound that appears in food when subjected to temperatures that exceed 120 degrees. It appears in foods that are high in sugars, especially those with starch or fructose. And the more you roast the food the more acrylamide it contains, since the more temperature and less heat, the greater this substance.

Why have the alarms jumped? Due to several studies that point out that this compound could be carcinogenic, according to a study by the University of Stockholm carried out in 2002. And, the International Agency for Research on Cancer In 1994, he described acrylamide as a potentially carcinogenic substance in humans. Although all studies have reached this conclusion, it is not known for sure if the amount ingested by humans through food is enough to cause cancer.

What foods contain high levels of acrylamide?

-The potatoes, due to their high starch content, very toasted, contain high levels. Especially those that are very thin, are very toasted or almost burned.

– Bread also contains this substance. Whether roasted or unroasted.

-The strong roasted coffee contains acrylamide in large quantities, although the natural roasted coffee also, although in less percentage.

-The ultraprocessed in general: cereals, pastries, pastries, cookies …

But this substance is not only present in food. In tobacco you can also find large quantities.

Is it dangerous to consume it?

According to experts, it is best not to consume it or consume as little as possible. Of course, it has been demonstrated by the EFSA scientists that the amount to which we are exposed is not dangerous to health while eating a balanced diet, so we should not panic because we have always been exposed to this substance .

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