What happens to your body if you eat bananas every day

Eating fruit in this cold season of the year and in which there is such a risk of infection it is an obligatory task if we want to strengthen our immune system and be in good shape. The important thing, as always and in order not to get bored, is to vary and alternate between each type of fruit so that our body absorbs a wide range of vitamins and nutrients.

But of all the types of fruit, there is one that can be taken at all times of the year and stands out above the others in that it contains a key mineral for proper muscle and cognitive function: potassium. To obtain the highest degree of its benefits, we must consume bananas on a regular basis. Now, what would happen to our body if we ingested one of them every day?

Banana is very good if you are looking to lose weight because it is very satiating and keeps your appetite at bay for longer.

What changes would we notice on a physical and mental level? Obviously, the best way to consume fruit by extending the range, but today we will see what would happen if you suddenly decide to eat a banana every day from an interesting article published in the magazine 'Eat This Not That'.

A better gut

It is one of the most effective fruits to regulate the intestinal flora or microbiota. A study published in 2017 in the 'Nutrition Bulletin' found that bananas have a substance called 'resistant starch'which works to increase the production of short chain fatty acids, essential for intestinal health. Therefore, if you eat a banana every day, the bacteria in your body will always be perfectly nourished.

You will lose weight

One of the peculiarities of the banana compared to other types of fruit is that they are very satiating, so they help us to keep your appetite at bay for longer. Thanks to their high fiber and protein content, they will keep you well fed for hours. Hence, the magazine 'Healthline' included them in its list of 'The 20 foods that most favor weight loss'.

You will have better skin

Banana has many antioxidant minerals, like other foods such as salmon, avocados or walnuts, hence if you consume this type of fruit very frequently you can enjoy smoother and healthier skin for longer. Specifically, manganese is the mineral responsible for increasing collagen levels, beneficial for the repair and maintenance of the skin. If you suffer from acne, wrinkles or dry skin it is also especially positive.

You will feel more energetic

Bananas are essential if you want stay strong and vigorous. Above all, in order to avoid daily fatigue. A 2012 'PLOS One' study of athletes found that those who nourished themselves from a specific commercial sports drink fared worse on long-distance cycling tests than those who only drank water and a banana. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a good physical performance, this is the fruit you need.

You will improve your heart health

Potassium could not be absent, one of the most beneficial minerals for maintaining excellent heart health. If you do not get enough, you will be more prone to developing diseases such as hypertension. A diet rich in potassium may reduce your risk of future heart disease up to 27%, according to the magazine 'Healthline'.

You will take care of your vision

Although the vegetable that gives us this attribute is usually the carrot, the banana also contains Vitamin A, which serves to protect the eyes, maintain vision in a suitable state and also improve night vision. For this and for many other reasons, marry this yellow fruit that is delicious and at the same time serves to take care of your health in a really complete way.