What happens to your body if you don't eat enough protein

The protein They are molecules made up of amino acids that are linked by a type of bond called peptide. They account for approximately half the weight of the body's tissues and are present in all cells of the body, in addition to participating in practically all the biological processes that occur.

Proteins play a fundamental role in the body. Are essential for growth, for the synthesis and maintenance of various tissues or components of the body. They also help transport certain gases through the blood, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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7 things that happen to your body if you don't eat enough protein:

– Loss of muscle mass: The lack of protein consumption can force the body to deplete the reserves that the human body stores in the muscles. It is believed that eating more protein can reduce the rate of age-related muscle degeneration.

– Increase in caloric intake: Lack of protein sometimes means that you are compensating for other types of foods that have more calories.

– Greater accumulation of fat in the liver: Liver cells can accumulate fat over time, leading to a dangerous condition that can result in liver damage, inflammation, and failure. This disease is related in some way to protein deficiency.

– Increased risk of fractures: Although we don't always associate protein with bone, bones can be even moderately deficient if not enough protein is eaten.

– Worsening of the severity of the infection: Lack of protein can damage the immune system if you do not consume enough of the nutrient, you may be at greater risk of contracting viruses and developing complications from infections of any kind.

– Hair, nail and skin problems: If you have a severe protein deficiency, you may see marks due to these unmet nutritional needs.

– Edema: Edema is a condition in which the skin swells. In general, it is usually harmless, but in other cases it can be a symptom of something serious. Most scientists think it is the result of low levels of albumin (a type of protein) in the human blood.

Vegetarian stew made with soy protein.

This is why protein deficiency is something to be taken seriously. Although quiet! It is difficult to have a significant nutrient deficiency, but it never hurts to pay a little attention to it.

Make sure to consume 0.36 to 0.45 grams of the substance per kilo of your body weight, and as always before making any kind of decision, consult your doctor or trusted nutritionist.

And you, do you eat enough protein?