What happens to our body if we stop consuming refined flours

We have been told by active and passive that the consumption of refined carbohydrates does not bring anything good for our health, much less to maintain the diet. The problem is that refined flours are so rich that they become addictive.

Flours are present in our daily life in the form of Pasta, pizza, cakes, cookies or in an innocent piece of bread. It is not about being radical and eliminating carbohydrates from our diet. In fact, carbohydrates are nutrients that the body needs and, in controlled doses, they are part of a healthy lifestyle, however refined flours do not enter here. His nutritional contribution is almost nil and his intervention in weight gain and problems such as diabetes or cholesterol It is checked.

So what will happen to our body if we avoid refined flours:


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Flatter belly. This type of industrially processed food loses its fiber and part of its nutritional values. In addition, they slow down the metabolism and favor the accumulation of fats. When they leave the diet and opt for fiber-rich products, the intestine cleanses naturally and the abdomen deflates.

End to constipation. By reducing the consumption of flours, the body absorbs fiber better and helps to have a better digestion.

Triglyceride and cholesterol control. Excessive consumption of this type of flour increases the fats that reach the bloodstream.

Better blood circulation. High blood pressure normalizes and the heart beats at a good pace.

More energy. Refined flour slows metabolism, make digestion difficult and cause that feeling of "heaviness", by abandoning its consumption, the body resets.

Some alternatives: Prepare healthy snacks such as seasonal fruit or vegetable crudités. Opt for rice flour or chickpeas to prepare your favorite dishes.