What experts say about postpartum visits

The arrival of a baby in the family is a real revolution for everyone, not just for parents. However, there is no doubt that there is a person who lives it with more intensity than any: the mother. After childbirth, she has to go through many things. On the one hand, physical recovery. On the other, the emotional, since he has to learn to bond with the little one outside the womb.

Everything is very intense during those first days, and nothing helps unless you feel pressure from all the people around you. Therefore, we must be very careful with postpartum visits.

If you are familiar with someone who is about to have a child, you should know what experts say about these types of visits.

If you can avoid them, better

Especially in the first 24 hours, doctors and other health professionals advise against visiting newborns. Mainly because mom and baby just went through a very stressful situation: childbirth.

Maybe you had not thought about it, but for the creature it is also a stressful moment, because it has changed its environment of uterine tranquility to go out into a world of light, noise and stimuli.

What babies most need right now is contact with the mother, skin to skin, breastfeeding, and affection with the most important people in her life, her parents. That is much simpler in a quiet space, without visitors, without people reviewing around. Therefore, on the first day, the least amount of visits possible is recommended.

If you are going to pay a visit, respect the mother

It is logical that you want to meet the baby and even accompany the parents of the newborn. After the first 24 hours, if you are going to visit, what you should keep in mind is to respect the mother's wishes. Especially in what has to do with times and schedules.

The parents are getting used to a new routine, so they may ask you not to go at a certain time because it is the best for breastfeeding or they can postpone the time of the visit because the baby finally fell asleep and the mother wants to rest.

Remember that it is a time of great pressure for parents, do not be part of the problem. Respect the orders and recommendations of the mother and put at your disposal for what you need.

Give things that help

If you want to make a present to mom and baby, here is a good idea: bring a source of homemade and healthy food. Or a jug with fresh coffee. Or ask what the baby is missing from the pharmacy and make the purchase before going.

The gifts are super good, but the best thing you can do to a postpartum mother is to solve some procedure. That is to say, to do for her the things that at this moment do not have time or desire to solve. Help her to be relaxed!

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Are you mom What was your experience with postpartum visits?


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