What exactly is the menstrual disc and how does it work?

Tampons and compresses have long been relegated to second place. Now the undisputed protagonist of menstruation is undoubtedly the menstrual cup, much more hygienic and much less polluting than the cellulose on which we previously depended. But within the glasses we also have different types. And one of them is the menstrual disc, which is quite different from what we are used to seeing. In your case it is about a much flatter design that is introduced until it is placed just below the cervix, the deepest area of ​​the vaginal canal. Hence, once set correctly, it is not noticeable at all.

Advantages of the menstrual disc in front of the cup

The main advantage that stands out is that it is a good solution for sexual intercourse during menstruation. And it is not that before they could not have, obviously, but this accessory does not have any blood leak during the process. The reason? It has a thick edge that prevents this from happening. And in addition, its shape allows penetration, since as with the contraceptive ring, the disc is placed at the bottom, adapting to the walls of the vagina, without noticing.

On the other hand, and although it depends on the brand, menstrual discs usually have a capacity greater than the cups. In addition, they are suitable for more women, as is the case of those who have cervix shorter than normal and that they feel discomfort with the cup because the lower hitch sticks out.

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For the rest, the menstrual disc is quite similar to the cup. Too It can be worn for 12 hours, holds up to two years and is made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. It may be that the only inconvenience at the beginning is the difficulty in introducing and removing it, since it is placed deeper than the cup. But once the trick is caught, it shouldn't be difficult.

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