What does Jennifer Lopez eat in one day?

Still talking about how great Jennifer Lopez looked in the Super Bowl and is that she is one of the most admired women and the most recognized Latin artists in the world. Her spectacular beauty and her enviable physique are always news and that is why we all want to know what her workouts or diet are to remain at her 50 years the undisputed queen of Latin beauty. After your 10-day challenge without sugar and carbohydrates, we tell you what the JLo diva eats on any given day.

JLo's lifestyle

Jennifer takes great care and practices daily to keep her body toned. His trainer Tracy Anderson is responsible for developing the exercise tables for JLo fitness routines but she is also the one who takes care of her diet along with coach Dodd Romero.

As Jennifer is unstoppable, Anderson keeps her diet as clean as possible to increase the energy she needs to reach everything, so her diet It is based on high quality organic products and proteins.


Dodd Romero, the other culprit of the great body that Lopez spends, has explained that Jennifer He has not been drinking caffeine for years, avoids alcohol and drinks at least 7 glasses of water a day.

According to Anderson, everything JLo eats is fresh except for a processed one, the protein powder that uses it to make a shake that you can drink throughout the week, so she gets her nutrients from foods such as chicken, turkey, eggs or grass-fed beef. Romero also adds that the artist eats fish and nuts like nuts to add healthy fats to the diet.

Jennifer takes a lot of vegetables, especially those with green leaves such as kale, broccoli or spinach. Sometimes, and if you are not at the doorstep of an important event, make your diet more flexible and incorporate some complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potatoes or brown rice. Being slowly assimilated do not suddenly increase blood sugar levels so insulin does not have to work piecewise to remove excess glucose by storing it in the form of fat, so bravo for JLo.

But, although as a rule Jennifer's diet is very healthy, The diva is also human and likes to treat herself once in a while, in moderation you can even have an ice cream once in a while, of course!


What does Jennifer like in one day?

According to statements by JLo herself, one day of her diet could perfectly be this healthy menu. For breakfast he loves to drink a shake with protein powder and berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. He also likes to add a natural Greek yogurt to load more protein and to sweeten it use honey and cinnamon, add some lemon juice and put some ice cubes ready!

At lunchtime, he combines protein with vegetables, the latter being the main protagonists of his lunches. He likes a lot Salmon accompanied by broccoli, zucchini or pepper, seasoned with a light vinaigrette Or opt for a salad that he loves and that is kale, cheese, pumpkin seeds, onion, lemon juice and EVOO. Yum!

For dinner, combine protein with a complex carbohydrate such as quinoa or vegetables, one of the dishes you prefer is Grilled chicken accompanied by Brussels sprouts or turkey meat sauteed with quinoa, shallots and spinach. A light dinner that always includes protein to take care of your muscles.

And it doesn't peck between hours? Of course it does. Take nuts or fruit to continue the day to the fullest of energy.

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Looking palm at 50 in the way that Lopez earthquake does is not easy, you have to take care and a lot, feed consciously, giving priority to vegetables and quality protein and of course keep a complete and, above all, constant exercise routine.

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