What does it mean to dream that you are pregnant?

Have you dreamed that you are pregnant? We propose the most common explanations that may be behind this experience.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on October 10, 2021.

Last update: October 10, 2021

Dream that you are pregnant it is one of the most common dreams among women. It is often thought that only those who are pregnant have this dream, but the truth is that millions of women around the world can realize otherwise. If you have had this dream repeatedly in recent months, then we will explain what it means to dream that you are pregnant.

All the conclusions that we will come to shortly are made on the basis of the interpretation of dreams. Although you may find a satisfactory explanation in them, remember that sometimes dreaming about pregnancy does not hide any kind of interpretation. Even so, we invite you to explore all the ways that can connect this dream experience with reality.

Interpretations of dreaming that you are pregnant

Unlike most dreams, dreaming that you are pregnant is almost exclusive to women. Although some men may have this experience, the truth is that it is a dream that most of the time corresponds to the female gender. Some of its possible interpretations are as follows.

You find yourself pregnant

Yes, it is a somewhat obvious explanation, but for that reason we should not leave it out. Dreaming that you are pregnant is a way in which your mind translates a real event to a dreamlike one. In fact, there is evidence that pregnant women, especially those going through their first pregnancy, increase their dream production at night.

That is, a pregnant woman has a greater number of dream activities than one who is not. Since we dream based on reality, it is natural to think that some of these dreams are recreated around pregnancy. Many believe that we dream to rehearse a hypothetical situation in the mind that prepares us for when we have to face a similar one.

In this sense, dreaming that you are pregnant can be a way in which you prepare yourself for months to come. Because of this, you can also dream of giving birth to a baby. Through these experiences you prepare yourself from the psychological point of view for everything related to pregnancy.

Someone close to you is pregnant

If the above case does not apply to your context, then the answer can be found in that a friend or acquaintance is pregnant. In these cases, the emotion or the closeness of this experience can lead you to dream that you are pregnant. You can even have dream experiences without that person being part of the dreams.

The more women around you have become pregnant in the past few months, the more likely you are to have this type of dream. Another possible interpretation is that those around you demand that you go through this process. This can lead to dreaming that you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant or someone close to you is, you may have this dream.

You fear getting pregnant

A third explanation is found in fear, rejection and even repudiation of pregnancy. If it is not part of your life plan, you are too young for it, you do not have a stable partner or you have not reached some goals, all this can translate into having dreams that you are pregnant as one more expression of fear in front of the experience.

In turn, it is likely that you have had possible indications that you are pregnant. In this sense, these signs can be transliterated from reality to the world of dreams. Of course, this type of experience, even when only kept in your mind, will generate anxiety and stress.

You are about to start a new project

Leaving aside the materialistic explanations, we turn to those that collect the experience from a symbolic prism. For instance, a pregnancy can be summed up as the birth of something. It is the growth of a seed that will later become an independent plant. In this way, dreaming that you are pregnant can point in this direction.

You are about to start a new work or personal project, you have just moved, you signed up to study a university degree, you have just met someone. Everything that is related to something new that comes into your life can be a satisfactory explanation of this dream.

You are about to assume a great responsibility

Few things demand as much responsibility as a pregnancy and caring for a child. Therefore, dreaming that you are pregnant can be related to assuming a great responsibility. Adopt a pet, assume an important position in your work, take care of an elderly person and even become independent.

Meditate on those things that you have assumed under your responsibility that may generate a certain degree of concern or anxiety. The more important they are, the more impact they will have on your life.

Pregnant women can have sleep disturbances that are manifested with changes in routines, schedules and the types of dream stories that are presented.

Dreaming that you are pregnant can cause anxiety

All the above explanations are enhanced if you have dreams of twin or triplet pregnancies., as it is a way to increase the story behind it. In the company of what we have explained to you, we propose other possible interpretations:

  • It is a way of telling yourself that you are ready to get pregnant.
  • Aspirations to start another life.
  • Be open to experiencing changes or new experiences in the future.
  • Right now you are assuming the same role as a mother with someone.

When the dream manifests itself repeatedly, it can become unpleasant. You may wake up in the early morning with anxiety or fear, which can compromise your hours of rest and your performance during the day.

In these cases, it is best that you turn to a psychology professional so that together you can try to unravel what is hidden behind dreams. The answer may be in the order of what we have presented, but also through dozens of parallel interpretations.

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