What does it mean to dream of rats?

Dreaming of rats is related to episodes of anguish or illness. Let’s see this and other possible explanations for this type of dreams.

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Last update: October 09, 2021

Rats and humans share more similarities than differences. On a structural, hormonal, neuronal and even social level, rats and men have very close relationships. Despite this, it is an animal that nobody wants to be around. If you are concerned about what it may mean to dream of rats, here are all the possible interpretations.

In the West, rats are associated with negative connotations. They are considered carriers of pests, pests, disease and death. Suffice it to remember that the black plague that ravaged Europe in the fourteenth century counted these rodents as the main carrier.

However, as we will see throughout the explanations of dreaming about rats, in some contexts they can be associated with good news. Let’s look at it in more detail.

Interpretations of dreaming about rats

The relationship of rats with pests or evil is more common in Western culture than in Eastern. Indeed, in many Asian countries rats are treated with respect and even admiration. We also find regions that usually include the animal in their gastronomic repertoire, to the point that they consider it a delicacy.

Just as there are different ways that men value these animals, so too we find different interpretations of dreaming about rats. Let’s see which are the most famous in case you dream about them on a recurring basis.

Natural aversion to these rodents

The first explanation of why you dream of rats is found in a natural aversion to the rodent. This is known as musophobia, a type of phobia that also includes fear of mice and other types of rodents. As you can imagine, it is very common; So much so that it is a recurring theme in film and television.

It is not uncommon for those with a phobia reproduce your fear also in dreams. If you think that you feel a certain fear of these animals, then it is very likely that you have dreams of rats as one more manifestation of fear.

Phobias can appear in dreams. If you have musophobia, you probably dream about the animal.

Diseases or pests

Among the most common interpretations of dreaming about rats we find those that claim they are harbingers of plagues or disease. Those who defend this theory say that any type of dream that includes these rodents, especially when done in an unpleasant, dark or scary context, is interpreted as an anticipation of a disastrous event.

In general, these events fall on the dreamer, although they can also do so on those around him. They can be, in this sense, illnesses, accidents, misfortunes or any type of event that works against health, financial stability or well-being.

Toxicity in those around you

If you think that the above explanation does not fit your case, then you can find comfort in the hypothesis that symbolize the toxicity around you. The term rat is used in a derogatory way to describe people who are vile, low and with very low morals (hence the word pickpocket, to refer to those who commit thefts).

In this sense, rodents exemplify a person or a group of people who are somehow pouring their toxicity onto you. It can be a partner, a friend, co-workers, a neighbor or just an acquaintance with whom you do not have much contact. If the dream is recurrent or very vivid, it is a sign that it is a person close to your privacy.

Emotional problems

In another vein, dreaming of rats it can also symbolize internal emotional problems. Stress, anxiety, depression, anguish, tension, insecurities, and low self-esteem can all translate into unpleasant dreams about these animals.

Dreams can be constant, according to the severity or significance of the problems. Especially if you decide that these are not there. They can also exemplify problems among those around you.

Fear of revealing a truth

Finally, another of the possible explanations of dreaming about rats is found in the fear of revealing truths in front of others (and even yourself). The effort or pressure to hide a truth can translate into anguish, which will be transferred to your dreams under unpleasant stories or protagonists.

It need not be a truth with far reaching repercussions; it is enough that it is important to you. If it is something that is eating you up inside, and for one reason or another you are not willing to reveal, your dream experiences may be forcing you to confess it.

What does it mean to dream of a black rat?

The five explanations of dreaming about rats that we have given are the most common when interpreting these episodes. However, at this point we must consider a very important detail: the characteristics of the animal. Indeed, dreaming of a black rat is not the same as dreaming of a white rat.

Dreaming of a black, dirty, smelly or particularly unpleasant rat is associated with unfortunate events, hardships, illnesses and even death. The connotations are much more terrible than, for example, dreaming of a gray rat. If it is accompanied by a whole hill, then you can imagine that the misfortunes are greater.

What does it mean to dream of a white rat?

On the contrary, dreaming of a white rat can imply a hopeful future. It is related to problems, but they are soon to be solved. If the appearance of the rodent is clean and even with certain angelic overtones, it means that what ails you is soon to end.

It can also be interpreted that you are about to deal with something that, although at first you will consider it a problem, over time it will be beneficial for you. Among all the possibilities, dreaming of a white rat is the best dream episode you can have.

Rats are not always portents of trouble in dreams. But the most common interpretation is that they bring misfortune.

As you have just seen, this type of dream is not always linked to illness or death. It depends on the context, as well as its appearance.

If the rat hurts you, don’t expect to interpret it as a good thing.. If he keeps his distance and even plays with you, his symbolism may be much kinder to your origin.

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