What does it mean to dream of friends?

Dreaming of friends has multiple meanings. We teach you in the following lines 6 of the most important.

Last update: December 19, 2021

Dreams remain a great mystery to science. There are aspects of them that we can explain, as well as theories of why we dream, but many parts of these dream experiences are still very diffuse. Dreaming of friends is one of the most common dreams, one that also raises innumerable doubts about its interpretation.. We show you 6 possible explanations about this dream.

Since our reality is projected in dream experiences, it is natural that friends are part of our dreams. If you have one or two in which these are protagonists, it will surely be a fortuitous event, but it is not if it is a repetitive experience. If your case is the latter, the 6 interpretations of dreaming with friends can be of great help.

6 interpretations of dreaming with friends

According to experts, dreams have three possible functions: problem solving, information processing, and ego consolidation. One of the most compelling theories is that dreams are a kind of simulated training ground. One in which you put experiences to the test that you can then repeat in reality or that are at least related to them.

Imagine that you are an open world video game in which you can’t die (not in reality, at least) and the one where you gain more experience as you play (dream) more. This theory has its detractors, since some researchers point out that many dreams revolve around the personal concerns and conceptions of the dreamer. Let’s see 6 interpretations of dreaming with friends.

1. Symbol of friendship or union

The first interpretation that we can make of dreaming with friends, and the most obvious and direct of all, is that it is an experience that symbolizes the union, friendship and companionship that you have with that person. In a more metaphorical sense, represents the friendship that is present in your life and the value you place on it.

It’s not something we think about very often, but friendship is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. We often take it for granted, in part because we only realize how important it is only when it is no longer a part of our lives. These experiences are one of the many ways you alert yourself that you should appreciate those who are part of your circle.

2. Reflection of qualities that you must assimilate

Sometimes we see many qualities in friends that we want to use as an example for our own lives.

This is one of the interpretations of dreaming with friends that has the least echo among people. However, it is one of the most important. Remember what we pointed out that many dreams revolve around personal concerns. Well, based on this premise, your friend may in dreams be a symbol of qualities that you must assimilate.

What you have to do is look at what exactly he does during the dream, what is his attitude, what are his values ​​and his behavior. If it is kind, kind, faithful and respectful, then it is a symbol of virtues that you must apply in real life. These are embodied in a special person in your life so that you can notice them with greater attention.

3. Recover attitudes from childhood

It is one of the possible interpretations to dream about childhood friends. Very few have the privilege of maintaining their childhood friendships, as as we grow, they are simply renewed. Broadly speaking, childhood friendships represent the following:

  • Fun and creativity.
  • New experiences and discoveries.
  • Spontaneity and unconcern.
  • Absence of rules and enjoyment of life.

Dreaming of childhood friends it is a way in which you warn yourself that you are moving away from your childish side. That is, of those details, attitudes or values ​​that allow us to see life with a different prism. You have stopped having fun, you live with dozens of worries, you have turned your back on creativity or you do not give an inch to spontaneity.

4. Neglect of some aspect of your life

In the reverse order with what we have exposed, It is also possible that dreaming of friends is a neglect of various aspects of your life. For example, when you dream of lost or distant friends. It is a metaphor for something that you have removed from your life, even though it brought you benefits. It can be a habit, a value, an attitude and of course a physical person.

It is also likely to be a metaphor for things you need to improve in your life. In the reverse order of a previous interpretation, the values ​​and attitudes of your friends are things of your own personality in which you must improve. If in the dream he is unfaithful, disrespectful, rude or indifferent, then he may be a mirror of yourself.

5. Sign of happiness and fun

If you are having a good time in life or you want it badly, it is logical that you dream with many of your loved ones in a pleasant plan.

Friendship is generally associated with happiness and fun. When we think of our friends, we do so with happy or funny memories. Therefore, you are probably dreaming of a friend as a reflection of the fun and happiness of your real life.

A happiness that is not only restricted to your friendship relationships, but also expands in other aspects of your life. In your work, in your family, in your relationship with yourself and others. If you are on a roll or think you can say out loud that you are happy, then this is the appropriate metaphor for the dream experience.

6. Good relationships with others

The last interpretation of dreaming about friends is that it is a symptom of your good relationships with others. Maintaining a friendship demands certain social skills: communication, empathy, respect, creativity, otherness and others. Your friend is a symbol in the dream that you have all these skills in tune, allowing you to build and maintain relationships with ease.

Keep in mind that the interpretations we have given are for reference only. Sometimes there is no causal relationship between your dreams and your real life. In addition, and as the experts point out, dreams are mediated by cultural experiences. The idea you have of friendship depends on what surrounds you (cinema, education, books, religious beliefs or others). This has a direct impact on your sleeping experiences.

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