What does it mean to dream of dogs?

If you have had several dreams in which dogs are the protagonists of the experience, we will show you some possible explanations.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on October 30, 2021.

Last update: October 30, 2021

According to the researchers, the first steps in the domestication of the dog were made about 35 thousand years ago. Since then, these animals have become man’s best friend, through a connection that is not achieved with other species. This experience can even make you dream of dogs, an otherwise very common nocturnal experience.

The human being has always tried to unravel the meaning of dreams. For many people, behind each of these lie symbols that connect with the present or the future of the dreamer. If you firmly believe in these postulates, we have put together several interpretations of what it means to dream about dogs.

Interpretations of dreaming about dogs

Contrary to what happens with other types of dreams, in which there is always the mediation of negative interpretations, in general terms dreaming of dogs is associated with positive events. The relationship is more palpable the more frequent the experience, so if it is a common dream you can point to any of these explanations:

1. Fidelity or protection

Some say that dreams are full of symbols that can be interpreted in various ways, which happens when seeing animals such as dogs.

The dog is the prototype of fidelity. During their domestication they helped man in hunting, a practice that continues to this day. In turn, they protected and protect the belongings of their masters, so that they are associated with a protective instinct.

Therefore, dreaming of dogs is nothing more than a manifestation of that fidelity and protection. At this point it is necessary to make two distinctions: dreams with dogs as the main protagonist and those in which you are part of the experience.

In the first case, it is interpreted that the values ​​of fidelity and protection are embodied by yourself. That is, you are a reference of these for those around you. On the contrary, if in dreams you are the one who accompanies a dog, then it is a symptom that one or more people in your circle offer you these attributes with their friendship.

2. Disloyalty and treason

Yes, it is an interpretation of dreaming about dogs completely opposite to the previous one; but just as valid. In the previous case, we assume that the dream occurs in pleasant moments with the canine. Games, caresses and fun. However, if their attitude is the opposite then it is a sign of disloyalty or treason.

For example, if you dream of a mad dog, which barks, bites or attacks you. In all these cases the values ​​will alternate with opposites. Apply the same precision that we have given: if the dog is the protagonist, the disloyalty and betrayal will be on your own; If you are the target of the attack or facing it, then the attributes will correspond to someone else.

3. Teamwork and camaraderie

Another of the values ​​we associate with canines is teamwork and companionship. As everyone knows, dogs are descended from the wolf. Herds of these survive, hunt and thrive on the basis of these values. This instinct is preserved to a greater or lesser extent in all races today.

Dreaming of dogs, from this perspective, can exemplify the teamwork and camaraderie that manifests during your wakefulness. If in real life you are carrying out some kind of project with a certain number of people, the dream experience may be telling you that this is heading along the edge of these attributes.

What we have just given is just one example, since there are many situations in life in which teamwork and camaraderie can manifest. A relationship with a partner, friendship or family; an assignment at work and so on can also be part of the interpretation of dreaming about dogs.

4. Need to tame something

As we have pointed out at the beginning, dogs were domesticated 35 thousand years ago. Today they are docile and friendly creatures, but by then they were wild wolves. Dreaming of wild or ferocious dogs can symbolize that you have the need to tame something or train it.

The above can be interpreted in many ways, as it can be associated with something physical or emotional. It can be, in the same way, something that belongs to you or that concerns others. For example, dreaming about dogs can alert you that you must control or instruct your emotions, your temperament, your abilities or skills or the way you treat others.

There are hundreds of interpretations for this case. Everything that involves a process of domestication, domestication or training can be related to this dream. As it could not be otherwise, it can also literally indicate the domestication of an animal.

5. Family union

As animals that practice teamwork and companionship, it is natural for dogs to be very familiar. If you dream of puppy dogs or of several of these that behave as a family group, then it is possible that it is interpreted from the point of view of the union of your family.

For example, it may be a sign of the recent rapprochement; or on the contrary of the need for this to happen. In turn, it can be a way in which you tell yourself that you are ready to start a family. It all depends on how these words fit into your real life.

6. Sense of responsibility

Any situation that involves responsibility, such as the fact of starting a family, can be expressed in dreams through various figures.

Finally, dreaming of dogs can be a symbol that you must assume or have already assumed a sense of responsibility. Anyone who has had these pets knows the degree of responsibility that their adoption implies. Not only from an economic point of view, but also from the time and dedication that you must allocate.

In this sense, you may be dreaming of them as part of a symbology that alerts you to the responsibility you have in the real world. You have been assigned, or at any rate will be assigned, something that requires a great sense of duty. Something that depends on you to thrive, live or keep going.

As you have seen, most interpretations of dreaming about dogs are related to positive aspects. Similarly, most of them take place in the present of your reality. Establish relationships to discover which of them all fits your case.

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