What does it mean to dream of a maze?

The meaning of dreaming of a labyrinth involves discovering the symbology behind it. We teach you everything about it in the next few lines.

Last update: December 18, 2021

Labyrinths are one of the structures with the greatest symbolism in humanity. Everyone remembers the famous Cretan labyrinth myth, which is the starting point for its popularity in the West. Dreaming of a labyrinth is very common, and its interpretation is linked to various nuances of daily life. We show you 6 possible interpretations of this dream experience.

The impact of labyrinths in our culture is not minor. Even today labyrinthine designs are very popular, not to mention the way they are integrated into art or architecture. Take the movie for example The glow (1980) or the ice maze in Poland that surprised the Internet a few years ago. Let’s see the meaning of dreaming of a maze.

6 explanations of dreaming of a maze

If you have had dreams with labyrinths, surely you do not know what kind of interpretation to give it. Certainly, its meaning can be very ambiguous; especially if you don’t establish a relationship with your real life. To find the explanation for dreaming of a labyrinth you have to evaluate your life, and from it obtain the relevant conclusions.

The problem is when you do the opposite: try to draw conclusions from your dreams that you forcefully apply in reality. We show you 6 possible interpretations of dreaming about a labyrinth, all of them with a practical or material dye.

1. Spiritual search

The first interpretation that experts give to dreaming of a labyrinth is related to the spiritual search. In many cultures the labyrinth symbolizes the path from the world of the living to that of the dead. In short, the beginning symbolizes birth, the journey life and the end death.

Humanity has built belief organization systems to interpret this path, what precedes it, and what precedes it. At a formal level we call these systems religions, but informally we can classify them only as beliefs. If you are in the middle of a spiritual battle about your faith, your beliefs, what you think of life or death, then you can dream of a maze..

2. You are emotionally or physically lost

One of the most natural interpretations of dreaming of a labyrinth is precisely feeling lost in any aspect of life.

Since there is only one safe path between dozens of options when completing a maze, dreaming of one of them can be a metaphor that you are lost. You can feel this way both physically and emotionally, so this dream is also related to experiences such as anguish or loneliness.

For example, you may be in an unsatisfying relationship, or you may live in a place where you don’t want to be. You may have a job that makes you unhappy, or your social relationships are non-existent. Everything related to the loss of a set course can make you dream of a maze: drug use, depression, financial difficulties, and more.

3. You are testing your skills

Completing a maze requires highly esteemed skills and abilities. Think right now of a hypothetical maze of several kilometers. Depending on your skills, your spatial ability, your ingenuity or determination, it can take you from several hours to days to get out of it. For example, in the Greek myth, Theseus uses the thread of Ariadne to return to the starting point.

This can be interpreted in your life as that you are going through a difficult experience that requires the best of your ingenuity, concentration or commitment. It can be a probationary stage in a new job, the responsibility of caring for a newborn, the development of an enterprise, or an exam stage in college. Your progress in the dream reflects your progress in real life.

4. You want to start a trip

We have already mentioned that the labyrinth exemplifies the journey from life to death. This can also be interpreted as any type of trip, one in which you run into various obstacles to complete. Taking this meaning into account, we can synthesize the following arguments why you dream of mazes:

  • You are preparing a trip that will put all your skills to the test.
  • You want to add more adventure in your life, but some fears may be holding you back.
  • You are tired of the routine, of the monotony, and you want to make a drastic change leaving everything behind and start a new life.
  • You are an adventurous person and you are about to plan the biggest trip you have done so far.

In this case we refer to a physical trip, although it can also be interpreted as a more abstract trip. In any case, it’s something you want to do despite the difficulties. The dream is one more reminder that you make to yourself to show yourself how much you want it.

5. You are repressing your demons

Ignoring negative emotions or experiences ends up taking its toll sooner or later. Sometimes this can affect dreams.

In Greek myth, Daedalus built the Cretan labyrinth to enclose the Minotaur within it. In ancient beliefs it was attributed the ability to capture evil or spirits. This is why we find labyrinths before entering a temple or some type of building. In any case, the labyrinth as a receptacle of darkness is a constant in many cultures.

If we take this interpretation into account, dreaming of a maze can be a way in which you tell yourself that you are repressing your demons. You are setting aside the date with them and choosing instead to lock them up inside of you. By demons we mean emotional damage such as depression, insecurities, trauma, low self-esteem and others.

6. You are in a stage of rebirth

Returning to the analogy of the labyrinth as a journey, it is important to consider that every traveler undergoes a transformation along the way. Certainly the obstacles you face give you experience and wisdom, as well as a completely different view of some things in relation to who you were when you started out. Consider, for example, the journey of Ulysses in the Odyssey.

Broadly speaking, we can synthesize this as being in the middle of a rebirth stage. One in which you are leaving behind dogmas, paradigms, ideologies or thoughts and are replacing them with a new way of seeing the world. If you dream that you come out of a labyrinth, it will be the certification that you have completed your trip.

The interpretations given are symbolic, and they always have a relationship with your life. You must find the relevant relationships, so you can choose what kind of meaning you can attribute to dreaming of a maze.

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