What does it mean to dream about spiders?

Discover all the possible interpretations of dreaming about spiders. From the most pessimistic to those that relate them to good opportunities.

Last update: 14 January, 2022

Dreaming of spiders is a relatively common experience. According to a study published in dreaming in the year 2014, spider dreams are among the 55 most common themes of dream experiences. As with other topics, there are innumerable possible interpretations. Let’s see which are the most common and a reflection on it.

Dreaming of spiders can often be interpreted from a fear perspective. However, we are not lying to you when we tell you that it is one of the most ambiguous dreams. There is no single explanation, so it all depends on how it is reflected in your life experience. We will talk about all this in detail in the next few lines.

Spider dream interpretations

If you make a count of all your dream experiences, you will realize that dreaming of animals is very common. In fact, the researchers point out that up to 7% of dreams revolve around animals as the main character. Many of them, how could it be otherwise, are oriented towards spiders. Let’s see what can be hidden behind it.

1. Fear of spiders

Most people have an aversion to spiders, so it is common for this to manifest during dreams as well.

The fear of spiders, also known as arachnophobia, is the first interpretation of dreaming of spiders. It is thought that up to 4% of the world’s population develops this type of irrational fear, one that can be triggered for different reasons.

First-hand experiences with arachnids is the most common, but it can also manifest itself in more indirect ways. For example, a movie, a cartoon or a costume can trigger a pathological fear of them. It is possible that your waking fear is transmitted from reality to your dreams.

Remember at this point that one of the theories of why we dream states that we do it to practice situations of potential danger. That is, you train in a place where you do not harm yourself to apply the teachings in reality. Therefore, dreaming of spiders can be one of the ways you encourage yourself to face your fears.

2. Trauma with your mother

You probably did not expect to find the topic of trauma with your mother among the interpretations of dreaming about spiders. However, this explanation of the experts goes back to the ideas of Sigmund Freud. According to this interpretation, spiders in your dreams represent an angry mother, especially one that left several childhood scars.

Other explanations can follow from this: recent fights with your mother, unresolved issues with her, some sort of inconvenience in accepting who you are, what you work for, or who you date.

Spiders can have up to 3,000 young during their lifetime, they are very territorial after the eggs are laid and even feed all the young with milk until they are independent. Its parallelism with a mother then is very evident.

3. Bisexuality

If the explanations above don’t apply to you, this one might. According to some researchers, spiders may embody a bisexual instinct. In many spider species there is no practical distinction between male and female, not to mention that many others practice cannibalism after mating.

For all these reasons, there are those who affirm that repeatedly dreaming of spiders can point to an identity conflict. In essence, to a conflict of sexual orientation. If you are having these dream experiences frequently, it may be a way for you to warn yourself of who you really are. Of course, this applies if said conflict exists in wakefulness (doubts, attractions and so on).

4. Problems in the future

For those people who interpret dreams from a premonitory point of view, dreaming of spiders can be negative.

Just like what happens when you dream of rats, this type of dreams can warn you of problems, conflicts or unpleasant situations in the future. In general, spiders are animals that instill fear, fear and alert to their possible poison. Therefore, they can predict that you will have some kind of negative experience in the coming days.

This can be personal, emotional, work, family or any other type. By analogy, it can also be a warning that the decisions you are making now are not entirely correct. If you follow the path that you are traveling right now, you will end up in a pit or in a place where you do not want to be. This interpretation associates these arachnids with a negative symbology.

5. Creative ability

Another possible explanation for dreaming of spiders is found in the fact that they symbolize your creative capacity. As we have already pointed out, a single spider can have thousands of offspring in its lifetime. This, therefore, is associated with abundance. In turn, it is the silk that they produce themselves that are capable of creating perfect patterns that are stronger than steel in strength.

For all this, dreaming of spiders can also symbolize your creative capacity.. In this sense, its interpretation would oppose the previous one. In other words, if you have dreamed of spiders for the last few months and you are in the middle of a creative project, it is possible that it will end up developing without any kind of obstacle.

6. Infidelity of the couple

The black widow is a species of arachnid known for its poison and for devouring its partner after copulating. This practice is not exclusive to the species, since there are others that also do it. Cannibalism occurs even while intercourse is taking place, so the spider ensures that the male cannot escape afterward..

This symbolism can be interpreted with an act of infidelity. It can be both yours and your partner’s. In turn, it is possible that it is interpreted from the point of view of a toxic relationship. Your partner devours you in your wake from the physical or emotional point of view.

Dreaming of spiders: the importance of color

Before finishing with the interpretations of dreaming about spiders, we encourage you to consider their color. It is a very important detail, since it can completely condition the meaning of the dream. The symbolism follows the same as other types of dreams: dark colors are associated with tragedy, lighter colors with lucky events and intense ones are interpreted as a sign of danger.

With this you have the last ingredient when interpreting this type of experience. Remember that, apart from the first explanation, there is no objective reasoning that supports the symbolism of the dream. Be measured when interpreting it, and avoid acting or making decisions motivated only by its influences.

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