What does a model of Victoria & # 039; s Secret eat in a day?

The feeding of the models has always generated curiosity and controversy in equal parts. There are those who think that to dedicate themselves to this profession it is necessary to follow a strict diet and perform a very constant exercise routine and, on the contrary, attribute all their physical characteristics to genetics. And if it is neither one thing nor the other? So, what does a Victoria's Secret model eat?

Although, of course, it depends on each case, if we focus on the model Sanne Vloet, we could not classify ourselves in any of these perceptions. It is clear that genetics plays an important role, but as she explains to her more than 700k followers on her YouTube channel, she takes great care of her diet. And no, this does not mean you eat little, but choose healthy foods and adapt the intake to your lifestyle.

"Today I'm going to teach what I eat in a day. It is a very requested topic, many people ask me about my diet and how I keep in shape. First of all, I would never call it dieting, because it's more of a lifestyle that I've been living all year, "says the model in the first video that showed her meals a little over a year ago.

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If you do not usually consume content on YouTube, it is likely that all this sounds quite strange, so before continuing, you should know that on this platform there is a popular theme called What I eat in a day or, in Spanish, What I eat in a day. Normally this type of videos are published by youtubers with more or less followers, but it turns out that the model we are talking about also does it. And not only that, in his channel he talks openly about other aspects related to his profession, shows his training routine, his beauty tricks and, even, other more personal topics like your house or your trips.

The diet of Sanne Vloet

But if we focus on the videos in which it shows what she eats in a day, the model usually shares from breakfast to dinner and occasional snack. It includes many fruits and vegetables in its dishes and although, as she explains, does not follow a vegetarian dietIt does not consume much meat either. In fact, in the most recent video she has published on this subject, she shares vegan recipes because although she is not, she says that it feels good to eat like that at least one day a week. This was his menu:

Breakfast: oatmeal coffee and porridge with banana, cinnamon, chia seeds, oat milk, coconut milk, a spoonful of almond cream, raspberries and goji berries.

Food: quinoa salad with vegetables, tofu and dressing of olive oil and avocado.

Dinner: stew of cauliflower with chickpeas, coconut milk, spices and white rice garnish.

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On other occasions, she shares meals that are not vegan, as in this video, which also focuses on showing what she does 24 hours before a bikini shoot. Show your beauty routine, your exercises and, of course, what you eat.

Breakfast: water and tea matcha with milk.

-2º breakfast after the gym: smothie of blueberries, kale, banana, maca, proteins, a spoonful of almond cream and almond milk.

Food: salad of spinach, cucumber, asparagus, tomato, sweet potato, lentils, quinoa and beetroot hummus.

Dinner: tuna steak with zucchini and grilled asparagus.

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And these are just some of your videos, but as we said, in your channel you will find many more related to food (daily menus, healthy recipes, snacks ideas …) and also other topics. Did you imagine that feeding a model was like that?

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