What diseases can trigger menopause?

The menopause It is one of the most difficult times for many women. The hormonal, physical and also psychological changes that are carried out during this stage are not easy to overcome.

What are the most common symptoms of menopause? Hot flashes, lack of sleep and mood swings, a fact that even causes divorces after 40. But did you know that there are diseases that can be triggered by this process?


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Obesity: hormonal changes lead to weight changes, this, added to the sedentary life that some women adopt at a certain age can make the situation worse.

High blood pressure: Changes in blood pressure values ​​may be a consequence of menopause.

-High level of blood sugar, high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol levels, physical changes are also possible due to the progress of the period.

The osteoporosis It is also one of the menopause-related diseases, because due to the end of the fertile period, the ovaries stop producing estrogens which results in a loss of bone mass.

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