What can happen if I shower more than twice a day?

Many people believe that showering more than once a day is beneficial, however what increases are the chances of developing skin conditions.

Last update: 05 November, 2021

Many people take a bath more than once a day to refresh and feel clean at all times. Nevertheless, This habit is unnecessary because the body remains in optimal condition after the first cleaning that is done in the morning.

The fact of bathing more than once a day on a recurring basis affects the planet because a resource that is not endless is wasted. What’s more, The home is also hurt because utility bills take on a much higher price.

In addition, the damages also transcend at the health level. This because of The abuse of soaps can be quite harmful to the skin and hair health of people.

Because of this, below we detail all the conditions that can develop when bathing in an exaggerated way. Then, prevention is the most important thing to avoid any aesthetic complication or damage.

1. The skin becomes dry

People’s skin has oils that allow the skin to look smooth, rejuvenated and free of impurities. Nevertheless, the chemicals in the soaps and the abuse of hot water are responsible for absorbing them.

In this way, the absence of these oils causes the skin to remain dry. Therefore, Over time the person may begin to detect spots and itches that cause discomfort.

2. Hair with dandruff

When shampoos are used excessively they cause the scalp to become irritated and promote the existence of dead skin. Because of that, flaking begins to appear and the hair is flooded with white debris that gives a sensation of dirt.

In addition to this, the dead cells cause the hair to gradually weaken. For that reason, There may be an excessive fall that becomes more and more intense.

3. Greasy hair

The chemicals in the shampoo or soap dry out the scalp. Therefore, the same body is responsible for producing more oil to prevent the head from being unprotected.

Following that fact, This additional oil production causes the hair to become greasy in a short time and look dirty despite having recently cleaned it.

So much so specialists recommend washing your hair a maximum of 3 times a week. In this way, the shampoos do not alter the condition of the scalp or need additional secretions.

4. Sensitive skin

Hot water and chemicals in soaps can cause redness of the skin. What’s more, they kill off the presence of benign bacteria very quickly and thus make the immune system weaker.

That way, viruses can be more easily harbored on the skin. In addition, disproportionate levels of chemicals cause allergies that lead to screaming and visible scars.

In conclusion

Bathing once a day is enough to renew energy, eliminate unwanted bacteria and take care of personal appearance. Yes indeed, It is important that the shower is done in a detailed way to avoid that dirt accumulates on the skin that cause infections.

Also, it is important for people to test whether their skin is sensitive. That way, They can avoid using soaps, shampoos, or personal cleaning products that cause irritation and discomfort.

Finally, it is essential to understand that all excesses are harmful. Because of that, excessive showers sooner or later end up causing health problems that people end up regretting.

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