What benefits does rosehip tea have? Slimming is one of them

The rosehip oil benefits They are known to everyone, there is no doubt about that. Applied to the skin is almost an elixir that moisturizes and gets rid of the scars. It is one of the star ingredients of cosmetics in creams and serums and its regenerating properties are ideal for treating sensitive skin.

However, we have discovered that it can also be ingested. How? In infusion. And also has infinite properties.

The biggest (and this news is always welcome) is that it helps to lose weight since it is diuretic. If you want to remove liquids, take this infusion, there is no doubt. If this were not enough, it also has a plus: rosehip tea could also fight fat (as various studies warn) due to its content in tilirosides, an antioxidant that burns fat.

Although to serve as fat burning, very high doses of concentrate would be needed, rosehip is also a very high source of antioxidants and beta carotene, a substance that enhances vitamin A.

What are you waiting for? Get me some tea rosehip!

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