What are the sores on the lips?

The sores in the mouth are like small ulcers. According to American Cancer Society, they usually be very red or have small white spots in the center. They may bleed or become infected.

They can appear due to infection, dehydration, poor oral hygiene, oxygen therapy, alcohol or tobacco consumption, or due to a lack of proteins or due to insufficient vitamins. It is also possible that they manifest after one or two weeks of receiving some types of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

What is certain is that they can become very Annoying and unsightly. Discover why appear and what can you do to eliminate them?

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Most common causes

Since the mouth is always exposed to infections and injuries, it is very possible that sores appear. When they become infected, they can become a health problem that needs attention.

These are some causes of the most common and harmless injuries, but you should also know that in some cases the sores may be related to other diseases.

  • Biting lips or tongue
  • Cuts by teeth with sharp edges
  • Burns in the mouth from hot food or drinks
  • Use of orthodontics
  • Use of incorrectly placed dentures
  • Cavities

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Related diseases

As we mentioned before, sores in the mouth can be caused by some diseases. The two most common are:

  • Oral herpes

Caused by the herpes simplex virus, it is a very contagious infection that is characterized by red sores on the mouth, lips, throat and gums. It is recommended not to touch the sore, handwashing regularly and Do not share glasses, cutlery or other object that has contact with your mouth.

  • Oral thrush

These are psmall flat and whitish ulcers that appear Inside the mouth. This type of sores they are not contagious and they appear more in women than in men. It is recommended to avoid very hot or spicy foods and drinks and to make gargle with cold water and salt once a day.

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