What are the hormones that help you store and what do you have to do to activate each one?

Why can not I lose weight no matter what I do? It is a typical question when you have tried everything and the number on the scale is stagnating in the same way as your purpose to see you and feel better.

You will be surprised to know that the factors that influence the weightloss not only have to do with what you eat or stop eating. Your body is much more complex, and in the process to achieve a healthy weight, many variables that you probably do not know influence.

Things get even more complicated when they tell us that some of our hormones are involved in our weight loss, and that if we do this or that, we can lose weight thanks to them or, on the contrary, boycott all our efforts.

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Therefore, we have compiled a list of the hormones that are involved in weight loss or gain, how they affect us and what we can do to put them on our side.


It is a hormone that regulates the appetite and generates the signal of satiety. It is mainly produced by the adipose tissue and acts as a thermostat that informs the hypothalamus what the size of the body's white fat deposits is. The hypothalamus helps regulate body weight causing the reduction of food intake.

The leptin it has the effect of diminishing appetite and increasing the energy degree. We have some ways to promote or activate your presence in our body to help us lose weight.

To begin with, it would be avoid strict diets and fasts of more than 12 hours since, far from helping us lose weight, what they can achieve is that the levels of leptin in our body are reduced.

Perform exercise It is also useful on a regular basis, since it can help improve leptin sensitivity.

Reduce our alcohol consumption it is another important factor, since its intake can alter both leptin and ghrelin levels.

Rest properly It is also fundamental. Not enjoying adequate sleep can, like alcohol intake, alter leptin levels in our body. Sleeping less than four hours two days in a row can cause leptin to fall by 18% in our body.


The ghrelin it is the hormone that opposes leptin. It also depends on it the development of the feeling of hunger. The maintenance of the weight depends to a great extent on this hormone, since An imbalance can lead to both obesity and malnutrition.

This hormone it is secreted by the digestive system, and in situations in which the person has not eaten for a long time, the organism segregates it to generate hunger in search of nutrients.

Therefore, one of the recommendations to maintain controlled ghrelin production, or even at levels that help us lose weight, is do not spend very long periods of time without eating. That is, the same thing that happened with leptin.

Similarly, rest correctly It also helps reduce ghrelin levels, since sleeping poorly can increase the production of the hormone by 28%.

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Cortisol is known to be the stress hormone, since it is is released when we suffer episodes of anxiety or stress. Higher peaks of cortisol are also related to weight.

This hormone controls the lipid, protein and glucidic metabolism. Cortisol can cause accumulations of fat in the abdomen, in addition to increasing insulin levels and sugar cravings.

One way to keep this hormone at adequate levels is to avoid stress, which is not always so simple. Therefore, there are a number of techniques that help us keep stress under control, at the same time as cortisol levels. In times of high stress, or if we want to relax more, the ideal is that we learn breathing and relaxation techniques, let's practice sports and look for some concrete activity, such as yoga, that can help us.


In addition to controlling the blood sugar level, the insulin as well influences the metabolism. This implies that also partly depends on the loss or gain of weight. In addition, this hormone affects some enzymes related to the use of fats, such as triglyceridolipase.

To maintain insulin levels-unless you have a problem like Type 1 diabetes, the ideal is maintain a healthy diet, low in sugars and unhealthy carbohydrates. Performing physical exercise can also help us maintain the correct insulin levels.


It is an intestinal hormone that control the appetite. This hormone is activated in response to the arrival of fats and proteins in the intestine as it is responsible for stimulating their digestion. When released, the eating of food and the duration of our meals.

One way to activate cholecystokinin secretion is eat nuts. This food is healthy, does not interfere with our diets and will help us activate the creation of cholecystokinin promoting satiety.

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