What are the healthiest canning cans? Knowing how to choose them is key

Now that the exits to the street are strictly limited, we must be cautious every time we go down to make the purchase. The less we go to the supermarket, the better. Therefore, as far as possible, we must try to take advantage to fill our basket of quality and non-perishable products and knowing how and under what conditions to store them so that they last us longer.

Fish cans, seafood, vegetables or legumes They are a very good option if we know how to choose them. Do you know what are the healthiest canning cans you can find in the supermarket? Take note, because they can be of great help to you during these days: with them you can make easy and healthy menus.

How to choose a good can of canning

There are two main factors we should look at when choosing a can of healthy canning. On the one hand, especially when it comes to fish, it is preferable choose them naturally, without vegetable oils.

And if it cannot be, we should ensure that at least the oil it carries is from extra virgin olive, before that of sunflower. "Canned fish can be a good process to use from time to time," said nutritionist Carlos Ríos in one of his post informative. "The important thing is to buy cans naturally or in olive oil, since, if we buy in sunflower oil, we would be providing excess omega 6 fatty acids and what we are looking for is a balance between omega 3 and omega 6".

The other factor that we should take into account when choosing them is the quality of the product: that do not have additives that diminish its properties. I mean, they don't have salt or added sugars.

Which cans of preserves are healthier?

A priori, all cans whose labeling meets the above requirements can be a good option if we do not abuse them: once a week the nutritionist recommended when it comes to heavy cans or seafood. If they are vegetables or legumes, we can include them more often.

To make it clearer, here are some examples that can help you:

– Canned tuna in brine

– Mackerel in extra virgin olive oil.

– Smoked cod liver.

– Cockles, mussels or pickled sardines, but with olive oil.

– Cans of corn or green peas.

– Red peppers with no added sugar.

– Cans of green and white asparagus.

Cans of legumes like white beans or chickpeasAlthough they are mainly presented in glass jars, they are also perfectly healthy options.

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