What are the benefits of summer for physical and mental health?

The climate in summer is conducive to fun activities and to rest. It is an opportunity to improve the quality of life and increase well-being.

Last update: September 15, 2021

The benefits of summer in physical and mental health are many and very important. This is a great time of year when it is possible to break with routine and do pleasant and beneficial activities for well-being.

Ideally, carry out activities to make the most of the benefits of summer on the physical and mental plane. To do this, nothing better than getting the best out of the sun, enjoying the company of loved ones and doing physical practices that nourish the body and mind. What are the benefits of summer for physical and mental health? We will see you right away.

5 benefits of summer for mental health

Summer is a perfect time for self-awareness and self-care.

Summer is a good time to carry out self-care activities and to share with others. Both the one and the other increase personal well-being and, therefore, it is worth spending time on it. The main benefits of summer in the field of mental health are as follows.

1. Decrease in the use of technologies

One of the benefits of summer is that it is a time that invites you to go out, share and do activities outside the home. Also, working hours tend to be shorter. All of this contributes to less use of electronic devices.

This benefits the mind, since prolonged and continuous use of these devices can drain the brain. Typically, these devices reduce physical contact with other people and encourage multitasking. Disconnecting a little from them is healthy for the mind and for the body.

2. Relaxation

Less exposure to technology coupled with more outdoor activities helps the mind relax. Specific, allows the frontal lobe of the brain to reduce its activity and this causes a feeling of rest.

In those conditions, brain becomes better able to process reasoning, do analysis, and produce ideas. All this favors the emergence of creativity and this, in turn, promotes a better state of mind.

3. More time for reading

Another benefit of summer is that leaves more time available for enriching activities such as reading. Ideally, it is a reading for pleasure, on the subject that everyone wants and without impositions on the matter.

The reading it is a very beneficial activity for the brain. Among other aspects, it favors the configuration of new connections between neurons. It also increases the capacity for abstraction and is an excellent exercise for the brain.

4. Greater socialization

In summer there is more free time and, therefore, it is common at this time that meetings and meetings with friends and family increase. In addition, there are many opportunities to meet new people in different situations and events.

This is another of the great benefits of summer. Not only does it feel good to be in contact with other people, it has also been shown to reduce the risk of dementia. Without going so far, it is a factor that improves mood and increases motivation.

5. More rest and less stress

During the summer, most people are more relaxed, since the level of labor demand lowers and a festive atmosphere prevails. This helps you feel less stress and can enjoy everything more easily.

In addition, there is more time for rest. The mere fact of spending free time, with nothing in particular to do, helps the mind to relax. There is no need to get busy. Sometimes sleeping a little more or lying in the sun is enough to relax the mind.

5 benefits of summer on physical health

Much of the benefits of summer have to do with physical health. If you analyze that this time of year is associated with more free time, longer days and greater outdoor recreational possibilities, it is easy to understand why. The following are some of them.

1. Vitamin D and fresh air

As many know, vitamin D is only obtained minimally through diet. Most of it is acquired thanks to the action of the sun on the skin. Summer is the ideal time to do outdoor activities and, with this, promote the production of vitamin D. This strengthens the bones and helps prevent infections.

2. A healthier diet

One of the greatest benefits of summer is that encourages you to eat a healthier diet. High temperatures make people prefer fresher food and less copious meals. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is increased, which is great for the body.

3. Higher water intake

For obvious reasons, greater amounts of water are ingested during the summer. The weather and activity make it necessary to hydrate more frequently and the usual thing is to go to water or fresh juices. This continuous hydration is fabulous for the body and, in addition, it favors the sensation of general well-being.

4. Increased physical activity

Good weather encourages physical activity outdoors. During the summer, there is a greater motivation to go for a walk or to play sports. As is well known, this oxygenates, promotes good circulation and helps protect good brain health.

5. Less toxins on the skin

One of the most interesting benefits of summer is that also helps improve skin. The heat makes you sweat more and when this happens, toxins are flushed from the body. This helps keep the skin free of bacteria and fungi. Also, it opens the pores and improves circulation.

Activities to take advantage of the benefits of summer

Summer is the time to enjoy, relax and continue enjoying.

As we have seen, the benefits of summer are many and it is unforgivable not to get the most out of it. How can you make the most of this time of year? The following are some suggestions in this regard:

  • Sleeping more. This time of year lends itself to sleeping more hours and having enough time to take a nap, without problem.
  • To travel. Changing the environment will always be a great opportunity to get out of the routine and rest physically and emotionally. Summer is the best time to travel.
  • Go to the beach. The beach is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the moment. The sea, the sand and the sun provide tranquility and vitality.
  • To swim. Swimming is one of the most complete physical activities and summer is the ideal time to practice it.
  • Summer nights. Dining, having an aperitif or sharing a few drinks are fabulous plans for summer nights.
  • Dance. At this time of year, there are parties in many places. Nothing more pleasant than joining them and taking the opportunity to dance and have fun.
  • Yoga and spa. Yoga practice is more pleasant in summer, since it can be done outdoors without problem. The time is ripe to go to spa and relax.
  • To camp. It is the best time of the year to camp and thus do something different. It can be used to fly a kite or enjoy a unique picnic.
  • Make your own garden. Gardening is a calming and balancing activity. In summer, it can be used to do this type of work.

Summer: time to improve the quality of life

The benefits of summer are many and the smartest thing to do is make the most of it at this time of year. An atmosphere of happiness and well-being predominates that is worth joining. It is time to rest and enjoy.

Disconnect from the routine, do pleasant activities and meet again with friends and family they are ways of raising the quality of life. Summer provides the opportunity to access all of this and it only takes place once a year. So take advantage of it.