What are the benefits of phytotherapy?

More and more people are searching soothe your ailments and mild conditions with completely natural products. One of them are plants. But, do the benefits of phytotherapy exist?

Let's take an example of daily life. When we drink an infusion, it helps us improve digestion, to improve our fluid retention or to calm that stomach pain that is causing us so much pain. The phytotherapy is much more present than we think.

What is phytotherapy?

As noted in the article 'Phytotherapy, its origins, characteristics and situation in Chile', phytotherapy is the use of certain plants with medicinal properties and therapeutic purposes.

This use of plant products is quite useful today. The reason why this happens is because they cause hardly any side effects and because betting on the natural is acquiring, each time, a greater role.

Aromatherapy, homeopathy and Bach flowers also make use of herbal medicine.

The benefits of herbal medicine

Bach flowers, for example, are part of herbal medicine. These plant extracts are very effective in treating conditions such as stress, as the article 'Efficacy of Bach flower therapy against academic stress in first-year stomatology students' explains.

Therefore, as we have already realized, the fitoterapia brings multiple advantages. Let's see, then, some of the benefits of herbal medicine and how it can help us.

Does not contain chemicals

The search for nature is aimed at moving away from the excessive consumption of drugs and treat the minor illnesses that we suffer in a much more respectful way with our body. Self-medication is not a recommended action. Therefore, betting on herbal medicine is a good idea.

It is an economic therapy

We know how much it costs to buy a syrup at the pharmacy. But, what if an infusion of ginger can also have very positive effects to calm our discomfort? The herbal medicine is cheaper and we have it within our reach. You just have to know what we are looking for.

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It has hardly any side effects

This third benefit of herbal medicine makes Many doctors recommend its use to patients who are going through some oncological treatment. Thus, with plants, they can reduce their nausea, feel better and more encouraged to overcome the disease they are suffering.

Phytotherapy plants can be consumed in capsules, in the form of lotions or, even, making use of essential oils. It is important to take into account the opinion of professionals to choose the most effective method for our case.

It is a resource for new treatments

The plants have recognized properties that make them an ideal option for the treatment of multiple diseases.

Although we usually make a separation between natural therapies and drugs, at present, Many of the new medical treatments include aromatic and medicinal plants. Therefore, if its use in this field is contemplated, it is clear that it has many benefits.

The own culture of the plants

Even though we can resort to specific establishments to be able to find the ingredients that will help us obtain the benefits of phytotherapy, there is also the option to grow them ourselves.

With the cultivation of plants we could elaborate essential oils for use in aromatherapy. This that seems so difficult to perform, only requires practice. In addition, to try it will suppose an economic saving and the possibility of having the oils when we wanted.

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If you are interested in herbal medicine, now you know the benefits that can be reported to you. Therefore, if you want to stop using so many drugs when you suffer from heartburn, flu or any other mild condition, give an opportunity to medicinal plants.

You will be surprised to see how your discomforts or pains soothe, and all without side effects! There are many people who have introduced herbal medicine in their lives and are seeing very positive results.

If you want, You can start by preparing a simple recipe, as an essential oil of some plant. You can also consider getting Bach flowers if you suffer stress or anxiety. Test your benefits!